Saturday 20 June 2009

A Few Changes

As regular readers can see I've made a few changes to my blog. Blog spot backgrounds are functional and practical but at the end of the day they aren't always pretty. So I decided to change it to something that more reflected me and who I am. Anybody that knows me, knows I love flowers and quite hippy type, psychedelic patterns and prints so I chose this cute floral design from Shabby Blogs - much more cheery as you can see :).
I've also been editing my wishlist a bit. I have trimmed a few lout and added some fresh wants. Some particular bits I have had a fiddle with are my wants from MAC Colour Craft - I originally wanted 3 MSF's but I have decided 2 is probably more realistic on my current spending diet, but I have added the 226 Blending Brush after reading positive things about its size and usefulness when like me you have a small crease and small lid space :)I have also added a few more Barry M bits, and some bits from the ELF Studio line which launches here in the UK at the end of July - I am really liking the look of particularly the bronzers in this collection. I've also added a few summer clothing bits all at the lower price end of the spectrum thankfully which I may yet be tempted to buy especially if I do manage a holiday this year. Never mind its remaining exactly that at the moment a wishlist I have about 21p left to spend this month - roll on July :D


  1. Hi Mate. its moonlitblack off handbag. not been on there in ages. hate the new layout. I cannot wait for colour craft. I think I am getting the 2 pink ones and cheeky bronze i think its called. Also going to get the eye brush and that 130 brush. Havnt bought anything in a while, and not interested in naked honey. or that baby bloom one. so going to spoil myself. I didnt know you was a newcastle fan. You will be back next season!. I always enjoy our away trip up there (im an everton fan) xx

  2. Ahhh the ELF Studio line, yeah I want a couple of brushes from that too.

    MAC is gonna bankrupt me! Have you read the Autumn collection info?!! Argh!

  3. Hey Honey i am not a fan of le bag now - I don't recognise anyone there now I have decamped to fashionbaggers now . I definitely want one lipglass from naked honey and I fancy trying the tinted moisturiser from baby blooms but I think its permanent so now rush :)Hmm Newcastle we'll be back we we sort the mess that is our club out - everyday more false promises :( you will be ok if you can keep Moyes :)

    Yinka - I know I was just looking at specktra even worse the first details on the holiday collection are out tonight too - argh!!!!!!

  4. love the new layout!

    the new ELF studio line looks really great. I have the coastal scents version of the 226 brush and it works great for me! I've never used the actual 226 to compare but for the price I'm happy!

  5. Was just about to do a post pretty much the same as you have done here!!

    Love the new look, shabby blogs is quite good isn't it, I've just changed mine :) xx

  6. WOOO funky new blog. Well done for sticking in your budget this month, it scares me that i've spent over half my wages already this month and i only got paid on Friday. x

  7. Ohh check out my blog, i've given you an award x


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