Saturday 13 June 2009

New Purchase and Spending Diet and Trimming My Stash Update

Haven't blogged for a few days due to sheer exhaustion - but after a few days of rest I am feeling a little bit more with it today than what I have been :)


As a few of you may know I have been on the lookout for the Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette in No2 which is the one with the fabulous bright shades in it. For those of you how haven't tried these palettes may I say why not - used by the likes of hollymae20 in her fab Style Warriors themed look, the are really pigmented and are a real drugstore bargain. Anyways every time I've looked No 2 has always been damaged (a Superdrug trait unfortunately) or out of stock. So I decided to cut my losses and get one from ebay - I paid a little bit more than the retail price but she offered free postage so the way I looked at it I have to pay at least £2 there and back on a bus journey to my nearest Superdrug so it probably worked out about the same.
I am loving the super bright tones in it especially the teal blue and the darkest purple.

That purchase has taken me to just about my limit for spends this month - I am at £29.79 for the month - I can safely assume I am not going to spend anything else this month so I am going to carry over my 21p so I have the grand total of £30.21 to spend next month :D

Even better still, we are nearly half way through June and I have already finished 8 beauty items - OK so only one of them is make up but so far so good I am starting to trim my stash :D


  1. Can you do some swatches when you have time? What finish are they?

  2. no probs hun I'll do them tomorrow for you I think a slight shimmer based on the few I've tried :)


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