Monday 29 June 2009

A Good Start To The Week

Big news is I have managed to lose another 2lbs this week. I am really chuffed and so, so surprised. I have had a pretty lousy 7 days with some yucky ME symptoms and lousy PMT - I have felt like a zombie who has wanted to eat for England - yuck, yuck, yuck. Still this is a major boost for me and it makes me want to carry on with it :) Another couple of mini pluses this week are that I am going to the doctors tomorrow - OK you may say that isn't really a plus, true not something I am overly looking forward too even if it is just for a medication check, but I am going to pick up some shopping for my mum whilst I am out and she is going to treat me to a magazine - I don't know what August issues will be out tomorrow but I am looking forward to a small pleasure - hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow so I can sit in the garden with a nice fashion mag :)The second possibly fab event this week may be a shopping trip with financial backing from my mummy. I am getting a little bored and fed up with being couped up in the house (I normally rely on my mum for transport - buses can often be too much with my ME :( ) so she has said she will give me some money to have a little shopping trip if I can manage it, to make up for the one I didn't manage in Durham a few weeks ago. So fingers crossed if I feel well enough I am gong to the Metro Centre on Thursday - the bus journey is shorter than going to Newcastle, and there are a lot more seats for me to utilise when I need a sit down so fingers crossed I manage to go, after all it will be July then, which means a new MAC collection and £30 of my own spending money too. Potentially happy hauling coming up xxx


  1. aww well done!!! 2 pounds is brill for a week! and even better if it was unexpected :)
    i hope all goes well at the docs and that you manage a shopping trip too :)
    i hope your week keeps getting better :)
    thanks so much for all your lovly comments on my blog and twitter your a real star :)
    Lu x

  2. aw thanks honey I try ;)- fingers crossed for a good 7 days its been a long time since I have had one of those x

  3. Wow well done on shifting 2lbs, its hard work but worth it in the end. Oh and your mum sounds lovely x

  4. Aw thanks hun - she is sometimes lol no we are very close - I am an only child which I thinks makes all the difference :) We really support each other which is so important when I am poorly and obviously when she can't do much after her ops - its a relationship that works most of the time lol

  5. Well done! I really need to get back on the diet wagon... xx

  6. Hi Louise
    Thanks very much for following my blog. It has now moved.
    Please can you join my new one?
    It's very lonely - with only one follower!x

  7. Hey Lauren - I'm following you now hun - love your straightener mat ;)


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