Tuesday 9 June 2009

I Heart My Mummy - Part 3 !!!

As a few of you may know I have an appointment to see the ear, nose and throat specialist at my local hospital tomorrow. My all too frequent ear infections finally got the better of me and I asked to be referred to a specialist :( Anyways my appointment is at 10am tomorrow. Because my mum is unable to drive at the moment I am left to rely on the wonders of public transport - catching a bus at 8.35am to make sure I can get to my appointment 9 miles away by 10 o'clock - hmm fabulous service eh! So to make up for the rubbishness of this (and the fact I am pretty scared I hate people fiddling with me) my mum has kindly given me £20 + plus the price of a travel card so I can have a little look into Durham after my appointment and have some guilt free spends. Durham is a really nice place if you haven't been loads of history and cute little boutiques and high street shops, including a Superdrug ;) It is a little bit touristy and studenty for most local peoples tastes but it will make a nice change for me - I normally go to Newcastle or the Metro Centre (large shopping centre :) ) and I haven't been to Durham properly for ages. So again huge thanks to my mam she really is a star (Oh and I still have £4 of my spending money this month ;))


  1. aww your mum sounds lovly :) x
    hope all goes well tomorrow and you get some nice goodies :)
    Lu x

  2. Thanks Honey I am hoping so I hate hospitals despite seeing a lot of them over the past month :( Am thinking some Body Shop or some Barry M or GOSH :D

  3. Aww thats lovely of your mum, i hope everything goes ok, and don't forget to post what you buy! x


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