Wednesday 3 June 2009

More Pre Spending Ban Purchases


Sorry for the pretty bad photos as per usual but my necklaces came -sorry they aren't too clear, and my earrings but they seem to have sent me a coral orange pair instead of the creamy white I ordered. I wasn't sure about them initially but they are really growing on me, they look lovely and summery and coral is right on trend for this season a definite keeper :)

I also got my super metallic reddy, orange havaianas from Powder Rooms Havaianas are probably the comfiest flip flops known to humanity I have quite a few pairs (erm about 10 :) )in all sorts of different colours - they are really fab. I tend to buy mine from Powder Rooms, the owner Soraya has really good prices and really good selection of colours and styles, including children's. Her shop sells some really quirky fashion, home, and beauty goodies, including brands such as Lola Rose, Ciate (the pic also features a Ciate cuticle oil pen ;) ), Billy Bag and Kings and Queens. Everything is always beautifully wrapped in tissue, and you usually get some Powder Rooms candy rock sweeties. Highly recommended and well worth a look :)

I also made my first purchase of the month today - £2.00 on Red magazine in Tesco (£3.50 if bought anywhere else this month)It also came with a free cute Cowshead Make Up Bag (also pictured)which is available in black and also in white :) - Fab - only £28 left to spend this month -argh!!!!

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