Friday 16 June 2023

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If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know that I've always considered myself to be 100% a bath girl, and whilst I don't half miss lounging in a tub full of bubbles, I'm definitely becoming more of a convert to the power of the shower, and it seems as though I'm not alone.

According to research carried out on behalf of heritage UK bath and shower brand Radox, whilst we're predominantly still a nation of bath lovers, over 56% of people that they surveyed are new showering more than now than ever before, with some people showering up to 10 times a week! Showering definitely has it's advantages, having a shower takes less time, and you use way less water than you would if you were filling a bath, so it's no wonder that in such a time poor, more environmentally conscious, and cash strapped society, that the popularity of the shower is increasing.

Whilst a shower is at its heart a practical experience, a shower very much like a bath can also be used to alter your mood, calm you down, clear your head and lift your spirits, it all depends on your set up, and what products and fragrances you use.

With over 100 years of bath, and shower experience, the UK's number one shower brand Radox, recently relaunches it's entire shower range, with new and improved formulations, and a range of 12 core products which are contain fragrances which are specially formulated to to boost your mood in various different ways.

As well as introducing new fragrances and new formulations, the entire Radox shower range has also now been repackaged, and each bottle is now made of 50% recycled plastic (excluding the label and cap), and as you would expect 100% of the bottle is now recyclable, potentially saving 450 tons of virgin plastic in the UK every year!. Not only that but the new flip up, sit up, twist off design of the cap also allows easy refilling. Yes you read right, Radox have also recently introduced 500ml refill pouches in 3 of their most popular scents, 'Feel Awake', 'Feel Refreshed', and 'Feel Uplifted' with fingers crossed, more varieties to come in the future.

Whilst some of the scents have just been repackaged, reformulated, and improves, there have also been of couple of brand new introductions including the one that Radox were lucky enough to send me, the Radox Feel Radiant Strawberry and Raspberry Shower Gel.

Designed to leave you feeling refreshed and radiant, the Radox Feel Radiant Shower Gel contains Radox's signature 4 mineral, and secret herb blend which has helped ease bodies and minds for decades, alongside blackberry, sour cherry, strawberry, bilberry, and raspberry juices and extracts.

Packaged in a simple but chunky east to hold bottle, with a flip top cap, this bright berry pink, slightly pearlised shower gel has a slightly runny consistency, if you tip the bottle upside down it will either collect inside the lid or if the caps open it will spill out - just something to bear in mind.

You don't need a lot and it foams up easily with water, producing a soft creamy foam, which rinses away easily and leaves the skin comfortable and not tight or dry.

Although it's described as a strawberry and raspberry shower gel, as you can see from the ingredients list, it probably has more of a tart, natural berry scent. If you don't like sweet or artificial strawberry scents, don't worry, this has much more of a 'green' berry scent, almost like freshly picked berries with a few of the leaves mixed in.

As well as boosting your mood on a scent level, for me these shower also appeal to another sense and are also visually appealing. I love the rainbow look of all 12 core bottles all lined up together, and whilst I haven't managed to replicate that display in my own bathroom, I couldn't resist buying another scent to try. I am a huge fan of fruity scents, and there was something about the bright and vibrant colour of this one that just drew me in.

The Radox Feel Revived Mandarin & Apricot Scent Shower Gel just ticked all the boxes for me - the same environmental credentials and the same trusted Radox blend of 4 minerals and 13 herbs, teamed up with fabulous sweet, fruity slightly citrus scent, and a brilliant orange colour. Okay, this one doesn't contain quite as many natural extracts as 'Feel Radiant' but I kind of like it more, it's zingy, fruity and the colour which my photo definitely doesn't do justice to, just screams sunshine!

If you don't fancy either of these fragrances, or if you want your shower to induce a different kind of mindset, there are 10 other scents to experience in the Radox core range, including 'Feel Refreshes' with a eucalyptus and citrus scent, 'Feel Awake' with fennel and sea minerals, and 'Feel Energised' with a key lime and peppermint fragrance. Although I really fancy trying them all and having my own rainbow shower gel display, next of my list to try are 'Feel Relaxed' which contains lavender and waterlily, and given my love of fruity scents, it goes without saying that I want to try 'Feel Ready' which has a sweet pomegranate and apple scent.

Whatever fragrance and formulation it is that you go for, or whatever feeling or mood you want to achieve or even dispel, these dermatologically tested shower gel are a real budget beauty must have that will take even the quickest shower to the next level.

Like with so many products at the moment, if you've got the time or if you're watching the pounds and pennies, it pays you to shop around a bit. I've seen these 225ml shower gels for as little as £1 and for as much as £2.75 each, with the 500ml refill pouches retailing at around £1.75 each. The shower gels and refills are available from a variety of retailers including Superdrug, Boots, Wilko, Asda, Tesco, Poundland, B&M, and Savers, and you can also by multipacks from Sephora. You can find out more about the full range on the Radox website x

Are you a bath or shower person? Let me know in the comments x 

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