Thursday 11 September 2008

5 Months Later!!!

Apologies for not posting for ever but I haven't always had time the time or the energy and I discovered Facebook!
Home wise is still the same I still have ME , I had another fab holiday in Cyprus, and my mum needs two knee replacements and two hip replacements :(

Football wise all hell has broke loose Mike Ashley and his minions have taken over the club and what seemed like a good thing is rapidly turning into a disaster. The appointment of Keegan was always going to be risky but bringing in people over his head, and telling him how to manage was never going to work and it was no surprise when Keegan resigned. Cue one very unhappy football club and one super angry fan base. I am currently debating on whether to go on Saturday as I don't know if I can face a riot so I will wait and see. Trouble at SJP not half!!!