Saturday 31 August 2019

Nails Of The Day - China Glaze - 625 For Audrey - Reshot And Rewritten

Hi Guys, I hope you're all having a nice weekend, before I get into a couple of pretty long posts, I thought I'd share another blast from the past nails of the day with you.

I first talked about this polish way back in 2010, but after re reading the original post and hating everything about it, I thought I'd dig it out and re shoot it, and rewrite it.

The bottle is showing its age now but don't let that detract you from just how beautiful this colour actually is. China Glaze For Audrey, is a beautiful turquoise, blue, green cream, very reminiscent of a certain posh jewellery companies packaging, and as result intrinsically linked to iconic, and legendary actress Audrey Hepburn. Thanks to the online nail and manicure community this polish has reached almost legendary status in it's own right, and it still remains one of China Glaze's top sellers, 9 years after I bought my bottle.

Even though this is an old polishes, China Glaze's varnishes still have quite a thin brush. Fine if you have short or thin nails like mine, but it isn't the best if you have wider or longer nails. Coat number 1 was very, very streaky. 2 coats was enough on most nails but if you look really closely you can still see a few streaks and a few brush marks and even a few bubbles!

Given it's age it was pretty quick drying but I think I was a little bit impatient when I applied it and I was guilty of not waiting long enough for it to dry in between coats, hence the bubbling. I applied it with a base coat of OPI Nail Envy, and no top coat, and it started to chip with 24 hours, which isn't that unusual for me.

I don't whether it's down to its age or my memory playing tricks on me, but I definitely remember being more impressed with this polish when I first got it. Don't get me wrong I love the colour, but in this case I just wasn't that impressed with the application, the finish or the wear time.

Despite the fact that For Audrey comes from one of my favourite colour families when it comes to polishes, and I probably have lots of similar shades, this particular polish is so iconic, that I'm going to hang on it. I actually took these pictures about a month ago now, and since then I've used it a couple of times, and by applying thinner coats, giving them longer to dry, and paring it with a decent top coat, I definitely achieved a nicer finish and a longer lasting manicure. It just shows you that with a little bit of extra care, and attention, you can bring an old polish back to life

If you fancy trying For Audrey for yourself, it's still widely available for around £5.95 for a 14ml bottle, from various retailers including Amazon, ebay, and Nail Polish Direct.


  1. Ouuuuu I REALLY like that colour!!
    I think I might try to find it cause it's gorgeous!
    and i like what you've done to your blog,
    it looks fab! :)

  2. I really want this colour, it looks beautiful on you!

  3. This is a classic. Got it and love it :-D


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