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Unboxing Glossybox UK - July 2019 Edition - Holiday Haul*

The first thing that I noticed when I checked my emails this morning, was a dispatch notice for the August edition of Glossybox, and whilst I'm super excited to receive for reasons that will become apparent later in this post, it made me realise that I should actually try and get this post up sooner rather than later. I've actually had the July 2019 edition of Glossybox for nearly a month now, but thanks to life and the heat I haven't managed to talk about it till now. Although it's now been and gone, I still think it's worth posting about because for once I've managed to try nearly all of the products in the box, there is only one that I haven't really tested properly, so I've got quite a few reviews for you all wrapped in one all be it lengthy blog post!

Packaged in the all too familiar pink and black packaging, the theme of the July edition of Glossybox was Holiday Haul The five products in the box are all under 100ml and have all been specially chosen to accompany you on your summer holidays. Alas I don't have a vacation on the horizon but thanks to the nice variety of skin, hair, body and make up products, it means that I can have a mini pampering staycation in my own home.

Omorovicza Cleansing Foam - 30ml - Travel Size - RRP £18

The first item in the box is a product from Hungarian spa brand, Omorovicza. Thanks to various subscription boxes and advent calendars, I've tried a few of their products now including their fabulous Queen Of Hungary Mist, but this one was new to me.

All of their products of their products are based on, and contain thermal waters which are rich in minerals and nutrients. This sulphate free cleanser also contains white lupin to energise and revitalise, copper gluconate to detoxify and regulate sebum production, and apple pectin to add hydration and suppleness.

Designed for all skin types, this product aims to cleanse the skin, without removing moisture, whilst at the same time, maintaining suppleness, leading to a younger looking complexion - bring it on it what I say. It took a little bit effort to squeeze it out of the tube because it was a lot thicker that what I expected. It had an almost aerated type texture. You only need about half the amount that you see in the picture to wash your face with, so even a small tube will last quite a long time. Mix the cleanser with warm water, and apply it damp skin, and you get a lovely, slightly foaming, cream cleanser, that smells incredible it had a distinctive almost perfumed, aromatherapy type scent, with hints, like the Queen Of Hungary Mist of orange blossom and neroli.

Cleanser On Face 

After Rinsing 

It's nice easy to rinse off, and my combination skin, felt clean and almost as though I'd used a moisturiser or some form of hydrating mist. There was no tightness, redness or dryness, just clean, smooth skin. I've mainly been using this as a morning cleanser or on the nights when I don't wear make up, but apparently you can also use it to remove make up. This 30ml travel size retails at around £18, and the full 150ml size retails at £52, so this isn't the cheapest of products on the market but it's definitely one that I would consider using again in the future. If you fancy trying it for yourself it's available from various retailers including Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and Space NK

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion - 20ml 

Next up the one product that I haven't really had a proper chance to try, the Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Natural Bronzer Body Lotion. There were two options available in the Glossybox, the Cocoa Butter version and the Coconut version that I received. Containing no harsh chemicals, no mineral oil, no parabens, no phalates and no dyes, this gradual tanner contains coconut oil, coconut fruit extract, gardenia extract, and a natural vegetable based tanning ingredient.

I'm quite lazy with self tan, so gradual tanners are really my go to, you just use them like a normal body lotion, and you gradually get a subtle golden glow, nothing too obvious but just enough to detract from my normal pink, toned Casper limbs. I can't really say about this ones tanning capabilities because I haven't used it properly or consistently but it a nice creamy, quick absorbing body lotion with a lovely coconut scent that just makes you think of summer. I am actually going to give this a proper go so I'll let you know what I think in a future empties post x This particular size is marked as "not for sale" but the estimated RRP given by Glossybox was £2.49, the full 250ml size retails at £5.99 from various retailers including Superdrug.

Moroccanoil Treatment - 25ml - RRP £13.45

When it comes to hair oil, this product from Moroccanoil has a bit of a cult reputation, and over the it's probably sparked dozens of imitations. Based on argan oil, this alcohol free, hair treatment also contains vitamin E, essential fatty acids, linseed, flax seed and antioxidants. It can be used on all hair types, and on both wet and dry hair, as a styling products, as a finisher, and as a conditioner, it's a real multipurpose product.

The first thing you notice is the smell, it has a very warm, nutty almost spicy scent, that's a real departure from the fresh, and fruity scented oils that seem to rule the market. As far as hair oils go in my experience, this one also has quite a thick, viscous texture, some oils can be quite runny, but this one actually has a little bit of substance. Despite it's thickness, the small amount that you need actually absorbs into the hair quite quickly, and it doesn't leave any heaviness or oily residue. As I say you can use it on both damp and dry hair, I sometime use it on damp hair to add a bit of condition and to help ease out the tangles, and I use it on dry hair to smooth out down the fly aways and to add a bit of shine. I've also recently found it that you can actually add a few drops to your regular shampoo and conditioner to add a little bit of extra nourishment so that's definitely going to be something that I am going to try.

I'm going to be honest and say that this isn't my favourite hair oil (at the moment I'm actually loving L'Oreal Mythic Oil) but I still really, really like it, it does everything that I want it to, and it's something that I'll happily use up, in fact I've just finished a mini bottle of this, so I'm happy to have a replacement. Again the full Moroccanoil range is available from various retailers including Just My Look, and HQ Hair

 Manna Kadar Beauty Bloom Mascara - 10ml - Full Size - RRP $29 / £23

My make up collection is pretty expansive but my mascara collection in particular is bordering on the ridiculous I have at least 10 unopened tubes in my drawer and about 3 or 4 open ones currently on the go, but I am always happy to try a new one. I've a few bits from US based brand Manna Kadar and I've usually been pretty pleased with how they've performed. If you haven't heard of them before they were founded in 2012, and their aim is to formulate luxury cosmetics products using only the finest ingredients and the most innovative technology.

I don't now what it is but mascaras always seem to be one of the most technical and scientifically based beauty products that you can get. It's probably because we want so much from our mascara, we want them to lengthen, to separate and to curl, and we want them to stay on no matter what we throw at them.

Manna Kadar have apparently thought about every aspect of this mascara, the 'cutting edge" spiral design wand contains dense fibre bristle, and reservioirs full of mascara between each individual groove on the wand, to create volume and fuller lashes. As well as being hydrating, paraben free, and cruelty free, the formula is also apparently flake free and contains fibres for even more length and volume.

Mascara manufacturers always make so many huge claims that you really to try something for yourself in order to see how it performs, so I added this one to my 'using right now pile' and I've been using for the last 3 weeks or so - First up some before and after photos





Not the best pics but hopefully you can see some sort of difference between the before and after photos. It not the most dramatic result that you'll ever see but you can see a definite difference, in both the colour, the length, and the definition, and a small difference in the volume and thickness of the lashes. The formulation was a little bit gloopy but it was actually quite easy to apply with out too many dots and smear. I did find that brush got a bit clogged with repeated use, so I did have to wipe it down a few times, to avoid clumping. Given the heat and the humidity that we've had in the UK over the last few weeks, I was actually quite impressed with how well this formulation actually lasted, there was very little running or smearing, and I still ended up removing mascara at the end of the day, even the rest of my make up had given up the ghost - it definitely isn't waterproof though as I accidentally discovered when I went the shower and washed my hair whilst still wearing it - lets put it this way, I was doing my best Kung Fu Panda impression! As I say this wasn't the most earth shattering mascara that I've even used so I don't think that I would go to the trouble of repurchasing it directly from Manna Kadar, but it's decent and I'll definitely finish the tube.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask - 10ml - RRP £1

Finally one of my favourite things at the moment, a face mask, and again every box received one of two face masks, and the one I received was the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Peel Off Mask, which contains antibacterial tea tree, and calming and soothing witch hazel, and is specially designed for oily and problematic skin.

Peel off masks are fabulous for deep cleaning your skin, and this claims to help remove all of the dirt and debris from your skin, whilst tightening pores, and preventing new blemishes. Since I'm in the middle of that TOTM my skin has gone a little haywire, so it was the perfect time to give this a try.

Mask On Application

Mask When Set

After Removal

Like a lot of peel off masks the product inside the sachet, had a runny, sticky gel like feel. It was a translucent green in colour, and had a slight, fresh tea tree scent. There was more than enough mask in the packet to apply a decent, layer to my face. The key with these masks is to apply a thin even layer if you want it to dry properly. This isn't the type of mask that you can wear in the bath, and I would also avoid using them in a warm, damp or humid environment, for example when we have weather like we had last week! The packet said the mask should be set within 10-15 minutes but it actually took nearer 30 last week for this mask to dry completely. It was easy enough, if slightly sticky to peel off, and unlike a lot of the charcoal peel off masks on the market at the moment it wasn't painful to remove, and it didn't cause any real redness. Once I'd rinsed my face to remove a little bit of excess residue, my skin looked and felt cleaner and clearer, and I might just be my imagination but my pores didn't look quite as obvious. This was a nice mask that would perfect for anyone with oilier or more problematic skin, and anyone that just wanted to clean and refresh their complexion. This mask is a Boots own brand product, and this sachet retails at just £1, you can also buy a 50ml tube for around £3.50.

I can honestly say that this was another decent box from Glossybox x I've got to be honest and say that it didn't really excite me too much when I first open it but after having a play with the products over the last few weeks, whilst there were no real standouts here are a few really decent products in it, I will definitely consider repurchasing the Omorovicza cleanser, and the Boots mask is a really good bargain buy. 

As I mentioned in the introduction I am already pretty excited for the August edition - I've seen a few pictures, and since August is Glossybox birthday month, it looks like a good, sparkly one, so if you fancy trying out Glossybox for yourself and getting your hands on the sneak peek HUDA Beauty Strobing Metallic Lip Gloss, then use my link and get subscribed x Let me know what you think about this box in the comments, and let me know if you're as excited about the August box as I am!

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