Thursday 15 August 2019

A Blast From The Past - Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - 640 Twinkle

I first blogged about Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Twinkle, way back in 2010, after purchasing it on a whim in my small village chemists. Although I wasn't really that happy with the post or the photographs, I had no plans to rewrite it or re shoot it. Then of course Photobucket started charging for their services and a lot of my old pictures disappeared, so I deleted the post and to be honest I forgot all about it.

Recently though I was having a sort through my extensive nail polish collection and I rediscovered quite a few polishes that I'd forgotten about. Time hasn't been kind to some of them and even on first glance the bin was the best place for them, but this one looked okay in the bottle so I thought I'd give it a go.

Rimmel Twinkle is a fabulous pink, lilac shade, packed full of tiny specks of silver and multicoloured sparkle. In some lights it looks warmer and more pink toned, and in others the sparkle really comes into its own and it looks cooler, with more lilac tones.

My memory isn't that great but it doesn't apply quite as well as I remember it, but the brush is decent and that always makes a big difference. Given it's age I think the consistency is a little bit thicker than what I remember, but at the same time the coverage wasn't quite as good. The first coat was a bit streaky and a bit patchy, but I found that two coats were enough to give full coverage on most nails.

Now this is one of Rimmel's 60 Seconds polishes, which are designed to dry in believe it or not, 60 seconds or less, but I found that it took a couple of minutes, again probably down to age.

The finish wasn't quite as nice as I remembered either, without a top coat it had quite a rough feel, which was a bit surprising considering the fineness of the sparkle; You could also see a few visible brushstrokes which is one of my biggest pet hates when it comes to nail polish.

Given its age, I was actually really impressed with the wear time, I know polishes with sparkle usually last a bit longer and this one was no exception. I always skip top coat when I'm trying out a polish, and even without it this lasted for nearly 3 days without any chips or wear. I'm notoriously hard on my hands so that was pretty decent by my standards. Again down to the glitter content I was expecting it to be quite hard to remove but because the glitter is so fine it actually wasn't too bad, with just the odd bit of sparkle hanging around on the nails and transferring onto the skin.

This isn't the easiest colour or finish to capture on camera, it's hard to capture a uniform colour in all of the pictures, and as always it's hard to show off the true sparkle on camera. I had a few goes and the eagle eyed Instagram watchers amongst you may have have already seen, a since deleted picture of this polish. I've had a play though and whilst I still don't think my pictures do the sparkle justice, these shot taken at night with the flash, give you a better idea of what it actually looks like on the nails.

Given that I first talked about this polish around 9 years ago now, it's not really any surprise that the formulations seems to have changed slightly, and whilst  Twinkle appears to have been discontinued by Rimmel, my bottle certainly isn't ready for the bin just yet. Despite a few drawbacks, it's a really pretty, wearable shade, that's perfect for when you want a safe colour, but with a bit of glamour at the same time x I'm now off to see what else I can rediscover so I'd love to know if you've rediscovered any beauty products recently? Let me know you rediscoveries in the comments  - I'd love to hear from you x

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