Sunday 28 July 2013

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy And Fresh With Dentyl Active Complete Care

I make no apology for the amount of dental products that I review. A healthy mouth and clean teeth in my opinion are absolutely key to looking and feeling beautiful. What's the point in wearing a gorgeous lipstick if your teeth are dirty and uncared for. It's not just about looking good, mouth health is so important. Recent research carried out by Professor Robin Seymour into adult dental health found that 73% of the adults surveyed suffered from exposed dental roots surface (receding gums) due to inadequate dental care or inadequate tooth brushing. It's quite scary to think that 73% of people in this survey could be suffering from sensitive teeth and could be prone to cavities and severe tooth decay.

It's not a pleasant thought really, but it can be avoided by having a good oral hygiene routine including regular visits to the dentists, frequent and correct brushing, gentle flossing, and by using a good alcohol free mouthwash.

I've always been a huge mouthwash fan, I love how clean and fresh it leaves my mouth, but I'm not a fan of the burning and stinging sensation that you get from some of them. Just over a year ago know I was sent a bottle of the Dentyl Active Enamel Restore - Icy Fresh Mint (you can read my review here) and I loved it, it did exactly what it promised, my mouth felt fresh and clean and there was no stinging. A little while ago now I was sent another bottle of mouthwash from the Dentlyl Active stable.

Instead of just focusing on enamel restore Dentyl Active Complete Care in Icy Fresh Mint is designed to do everything to keep your mouth as healthy as possible. Its is designed to work in 6 ways:

1. It's designed to pull bacteria from the teeth to help fight plaque.
2. It's designed to control tartar which helps to maintain healthy gums
3. It contains fluoride to help combat cavities and tooth decay and to protect teeth
4. In laboratory tests it was proven to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria in the mouth
5. Being alcohol free it helps to retain the moisture within your mouth
6. Finally it's designed to provide long lasting fresh breath by the inclusion of Menthol and Zabactyl, a patented ingredient which is designed to inhibit the gases which can cause bad breath.

Like the last product that I tried from Dentyl Active, this is a dual phase products, in pretty shades of blue and purple.

You need to give a good shake to combine the two phases together, then your half fill the cap and gargle and rinse and spit. This mouthwash has a fresh minty, menthol type taste that leave your mouth feel very fresh, and very cool but it doesn't burn or sting as much as some mouthwashes do.

Again the bit that I loved the most about this product is the fact that it really does seem to remove any debris from your mouth that you've missed during brushing or flossing. It sounds gross but seeing those little purple / blue particles in the sink is really satisfying, and shows how well this product really does work.

Again I have to say as weird as it sounds that I'm in love with this mouthwash. For me it does exactly what it promises. Dentyl Active mouthwashes aren't the cheapest on the market by any means but in this case I really do think you get what you pay for, a good product that you can actually see working. There a lot different types of mouthwashes in the Dentyl Active range but given my experience of the two I've tried I would more than happily buy any of them. In fact I've already bought a mini bottle of Plaque Fighter to try for my holidays. Dentyl Active Complete Care comes in two flavours Icy Fresh Mint and Icy Fresh Cherry and retails at around £4.30 for a 500ml bottle. Are you a mouthwash fan? do you think it makes a difference ? let me know in the comments x

(Dentyl Active Complete Care - Icy Fresh Mint 500ml Was Provided For Review Purposes)


  1. I agree nice teeth and a nice smile goes a long way. I like the sound of the cherry one x

    1. Thanks for your comment lovely x Dental care is sooo important it's shocking how many people just don't bother x I'm not a huge cherry fan but its great that mouthwash is starting to come in other flavours. One of the dentyl active lines also features a clove flavoured mouth wash too x

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  3. i read your article it is very nice and informative about teeth.thank for sharing nice post.


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