Tuesday 11 June 2019

Unboxing Pink Parcel UK - May 2019 Edition*

I know it's only Tuesday but I feel like I've had a really busy week already, I've done a whole load of admin, I've filled in some forms, I've taken some blog photos, and the big news is I've actually managed to get on top of my emails for once. I have two email accounts and the amount of emails that I get on a daily basis is bordering on the ridiculous - I try to skim read as many as I can when they first come in but reading them properly sometimes takes more time and energy than I have!

In the depths of my inbox were quite a few emails from Pink Parcel, and at last it seem as through the promised changes are happening. Their new website launched last month, with a slightly different URL, and the promise of lot of new features including shopping, blogs, and a new affiliate programme. The biggest change though has already happened, and Pink Parcel have introduced a whole load of new subscription options.

Their new "All Of It" box is basically Pink Parcel as was, and contains both your needs and your wants, your sanitary products, and some beauty and lifestyle treats. This is the option that I've chosen and again I've gone for the monthly option which is £11 plus £2.50 postage and packing, you can also chose the 3 month option for a one off, up front payment of £30 and a 12 month option for a one off upfront payment of £100

As well as their "All Of It" box, Pink Parcel have also introduced a box called "The Needs" that just contains sanitary protection and no treats for around £5 for 1 month, or £13 for 3 months, and £60 for a full 12 month subscription. If for whatever reason you don't need sanitary protection Pink Parcel have also introduced a box called "The Wants" which just contains beauty and lifestyle treats and no sanitary products. A 1 month subscription of The Wants costs £8, 3 months costs £22, and 12 months costs £90. An additional post and packing charge is also payable on most of the subscription options. I think that this is a really good idea, especially with "The Wants" box, my periods were quite irregular for a time, and I ended up with lots of excess items, so in future I could switch to this option and still get all of the beauty and lifestyle treats.

So more changes are afoot again with Pink Parcel, including the long awaited new box design, I know this box looks quite different from any of the previous Pink Parcels I've shared but this isn't the new design, this is in fact a Betty Box. To avoid any waste Pink Parcel are using up all of their old packaging and boxes before they introduce their new box style later this year, and in May I ended up with a brightly coloured Betty Box, which was a box from their subscription service that was geared more towards teenagers.

Although the packaging may be different, the contents and layout was exactly what I've come to expect from Pink Parcel, a few advertisements, a pouch and a box of Musts, and a box of Wants.

I've had quite a few boxes lately that have contained panty liners and sanitary pads so I decided to switch and in May I got a mixed box that contains tampons, panty liners, daytime pads, and nighttime pads. Compared to my last couple of boxes that have beens pads only I did receive a few more items this time round I received 27 items in total. I've switched back to a pads only box for June, so we'll see what I get this month.

Despite all of the emails that I've had from Pink Parcel over the last month I didn't get one which explained the boxes theme or that gave me any product information so I've had to do my own research. For me this seems to be a general well being box, with lots of skin care, and some self care items. Bar the chocolate I haven't had a chance to try anything in the box yet so no proper reviews I'm afraid x

Daily Concepts Your Facial Mini Scrubber With Smart Technology - Full Size - Est. RRP €6.95

First up, the little sister or brother of one of the items that I received in April's Pink Parcel. April's box contained the Daily Concepts Exfoliating Body Scrubber, and May's box contained the smaller facial version.

With exactly the same technology as the body version, this exfoliator contains a cotton base layer, with a soft cotton towelling texture and a finger pocket on one side, and fine nylon loops on the the other size. Again the inside of the exfoliator is made up of a soy based foam which helps you skincare products to foam, and it also has the same smart technology on the hanging loop, which lets you know when it's time to replace your scrubber. I'm looking forwarding to giving this a try, the exfoliating nylon loops are a lot softer on this product than they are on the body version so fingers crossed it should be gentle enough to use on my face.You can buy this mini scrubber directly from Daily Concepts for around €6.95.

Cougar Rooibos Tea Face Mask - 100ml - Full Size

I've seen this brand floating around online for a few years now but bar a fab lip colour that I got in a previous subscription box, I didn't know too much about the brand, but from what I can gather it's an environmentally friendly, and cruelty free brand and all of the products are both made and packaged in the UK.

This mask contains Rooibos, which is a South African plant that's predominantly used in tea and herbal remedies, containing antioxidants, flavinoids, vitamins and minerals it is anti bacterial and it's particularly effective in preventing skin disorders.

Perfect for all skin types this 5 minute cream mask is designed to balance, detoxify, energise, firm and nourish and to reduce inflammation. It sound like it pretty much does everything and once I've finished testing a few skincare products I'm going to give this a go. If you're interested in trying this one out for yourself beware there are some pretty big price variations online. It retails at £17.99 direct from Cougar, at around £17.49 from Amazon and at £3.50 from Fragrance Direct. That is some variation - seriously though don't pay £17 for this - why spend more when you don't have to!

Vitamasques Egg Sleep In Mask - 1 x 4g Mask - Full Size - RRP £3.99

Another face mask and quite an unusual one - I've tried quite a few masks from Vitamasques now but this one is completely different from anything else that I've tried. Containing egg, Persepolis extract, licorice, ginger root and camellia, this is a sleep mask.

All you do is remove the plastic insert from the cardboard outer and your greeted with a sealed egg and spoon. Using the little spoon you mix the gel and cream textures together (the egg white and the yolk) and then you apply it to face at bedtime. There is no need to rinse or wash it off you just leave it on overnight and let it do its thing. Ideal for dry skin, it claims to tighten pores and give the skin a smooth and plumper appearance. 

I haven't tried this yet but I'm excited to try it, thanks to the Dr Botanicals Po Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask, that I received in April's Glossybox I'm now a sleep mask convert and yes I admit it I'm also pretty excited to open it up and start mixing the formulations together with the little spoon - it doesn't take a lot to excite me these days :) If you want to try this particular mask for yourself then you can get it directly from Vitamasques.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PHD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector - 30ml 

Now I do love a hair mask, and after reading about this one I think it's just what my hair needs at the moment. Created in association with biotech scientists from MIT (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, don't you know!), this range is crammed full of technology, and scientific, proven formulations. 

I only have one other product from this range which I haven't tried yet so this brand is pretty new to me, and so is this type of product. Like the Vitamasques mask this basically a sleeping mask for your hair. Simply apply it to damp or dry hair before bed and then style or wash it out in the morning, and you're left with manageable, vibrant, shiny hair, that last for up to 5 washes! Containing a patented healthy hair molecule, which releases slowly into the hair, the formulation absorbs quickly and it doesn't leave any marks or staining on your pillows. Suitable for coloured and chemically treated hair, it is cruelty free and it's also free from parabens, silicone's, and phthalates.

Now my hair normally takes too long to dry to wash it in the morning, so I'm either going to have do this on a day where I'm not leaving the house or I'm going to have to leave it on all day, either way I'm looking forward to trying and looking forwards to weeks of shiny hair. I can't seem to find this travel size online which is a shame because I think that this would be an ideal products for holidays, but the full 118ml size retails at around £30 from various retailers including Marks and Spencer ,Look Fantastic, Selfridges and direct from Living Proof.

Macacha Peace Vanilla Plant Protein Shake - 33g Sachet - RRP £2.99

Okay I admit it I'm not really the protein shake type, give me a iced coffee any day, but I like trying new things and I'm always willing to be surprised. Containing holy basil and lavender, this is a sachet of vanilla flavoured plant protein shake mix. Simply mix the sachet with water, or nut milks, or blend into juices or smoothies. It's vegan, caffeine free, raw, and full of amino acids, iron, and iodine, and apparently it will promote feelings of calmness, relaxation and serenity. I could certainly do with that I just need to get past the lavender thing and give it a try. If you fancy a little bit of protein and serenity in your life then you can buy it directly from Macacha at £29 for 10 sachets or in sachets and tubs from various retailers including Holland & Barrett, Amazon and Planet Organic.

Dilmah Chocolate, Tumeric, Ginger And Almond Rooibos - 2 x Tea Bags 

Well this box has pretty much covered all bases, you can put Rooibos on your face and you can also drink it. I've had one of these bags before in a Pink Parcel buy you know the story Mummy Lou got there first. The name says it all really almond, chocolate, and ginger with a base of Rooibos. As you probably know I have an intense hatred of bitter almond, so one of these bags is going straight to Mummy Lou, so she can test for marzipan, and amaretto flavours. Fingers crossed that I can drink because the combination of flavours actually sounds really nice. You can buy this infusion direct from Dilmah for around £2.19 for 20 bags.

Choc On Choc Be Kind To Yourself Mini Milk Chocolate Bar

Although it may look pretty big in my photograph, this was actually a tiny, little square of chocolate from UK based company Choc On Choc who are known for their high quality chocolate gifts and creations. They do a lot of corporate items for companies and organisations so that may be what this little chunky is from. I'm not going to lie I ate this straight away, and although it was teeny tiny, it was a really good quality milk chocolate. I can't find anything like this on their website but I would recommend literally anything from their line - their salted caramel truffles are particularly good - go on treat yourself you know you want to ;)

So changes are again on the horizon but this was actually a pretty decent box, there are quite a few things that I can't to try, mainly the hair mask and the sleeping mask, so no complaints from here, and I can't wait to see what June's Pink Parcel has to offer. Have you tried any products in this box? Let me know your thoughts in the comments x 

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