Thursday 31 December 2009

Factory Shop Bargain Haul

On Tuesday me and my mum bravely went out in the snow to look at televisions (both mine and the downstairs one are starting to fade) alas we didn't see anything we liked but I popped into a few shops whilst I was in my nearest all be it tiny small town. Boots had been well and truly ravaged and had nothing left, so I popped into Poundstretcher to pick up a scart switcher for my Wii, and I popped into The Original Factory Shop. I've already mentioned this shop a few times in some previous posts and I have to say it really is fabulous. They stock all sorts of ex chain store clothing including, DP's, Principles, etc. and loads of discount cosmetics. Ok you have to search amongst the tat but this week they had loads of Lancome items in -I picked up a Color Focus Eyeshadow Palette in 105 Renaissance Printaniere - a gorgeous quad of silky greens that can be used wet or dry
I paid £10 for it and it has an RRP of £31.50 I am really pleased with it and would happily have paid more for it.
I also picked up a box containing the Urban Retreat Body Detox 10 Anti Cellulite Plan - you get a 400ml jar of Seaweed Mud and 5 sachets of Cream. It seems very like the Guam wrap product which I used to use but this was only £5.00 As far as I know you can only get Urban Retreat from Harrods of QVC so I will be keen to give this a go and see if it makes a difference - the Guam product certainly helped with water retention in the time that I used it (I got that from QVC and HQ Hair) so I will be interested to see if this works similarly well, it certainly smells the same

Have you picked up any bargain in an unexpected places recently?

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