Saturday 19 December 2009

It's Snowing !!!

We have had snow for about 4 days in Co Durham now but tonight it has got much worse - it's a total whiteout and I can't seen the end of the street argh!!! I managed to get out for an hour or so this morning to post some ebays, and pick up a few bits (more to come later on that ;) ) but the weather has gone really down hill since then - argh I still have pressies and cards to deliver this week - hope it clears up a bit !


  1. The flakes are huge arent they?? We have been out having a snowball fight - so funny. Oh by the way please could you email me your address again to send yoru face mask from my giveaway - changed computers and havent got your details any more - sorry for delay.

  2. LOL a snowball fight :) I am beginning to wonder if its ever going to stop - it's horrible out there now it's starting to freeze now too :) Yeah I'll email you my details again I'd completely forgotten about that x

  3. Wow it looks amazing, its not snowing in Cardiff, it only was lightly snowing yesterday & it stoped after about 5 minutes! XO


    Thanks chick

  5. We were supposed to be going to my boyfriend's mum and dad's this afternoon, not going to happen now although it's not too bad in Newcastle.

  6. @Becky It's not too bad here to be honest its mainly the estates and back streets that are covered the main roads are pretty clear now - It is supposed to snow later tho :(

    @hannah - you can have it - it makes everything look pretty but it is so cold outside x

  7. Its soooo gorgeous isn't it? But such a pain :(

  8. Why is it that the gritters don't bother comming round the estates!
    There lethal :(
    I used to love the snow but I litrally come in shaking because of the coldness lol.
    -Love Raspberrykiss <3


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