Sunday 20 December 2009

Store Twenty One + Asda Haul

Yes, yes, yes I know I am over my limit for this month but it's Christmas!
I popped to my nearest small town the other day to pick up my glasses from the opticians and I noticed that the former Woolworths store had reopened and was a shop called Store Twenty One. Oooo I hadn't heard of that one so in I went (as you do :))I have to say it was absolutely crammed you could barely get moved it was so busy. I managed to pick up a few bits for Christmas pressies and a couple of bits for me :)
First of all I saw this gorgeous multi coloured, zig, zag patterned scarf - It looks so like Missoni it's untrue and as you probably know I lost my beloved Missoni a few years ago (I have cried tears over that scarf believe me), it in no way compares to the beauty I lost but I love it and it was only £4 (as opposed to the £70 sale price of my Missoni :( )
I also picked up this navy blue, cable knit batwing jumper. Whether I bought it because I was so cold I don't know but I really like it and it was only £12 :)
I also popped into Asda to buy my mum some Christmas polar bear PJ's (we always buy each other nightwear from Christmas which we give to each other on Christmas Eve), and picked up this cute Hello Kitty sleep tee for me :)
Ok I have gone over my limit but I don't feel guilty I paid for it all in cold, hard cash and it slightly made up for the fact I missed out on the Soap & Glory Big Thrill Box - Damn You Boots On and Off Line!!!


  1. Hi :D
    I know exactly where abouts your on about, as I live not far from there :D
    Store twenty one has some good stuff in and its really cheap.
    Love the hello kitty jarmas :)
    -Love Raspberrykiss <3

  2. ooo a locally :) Thanks for your nice comments xx

  3. I love ASDA PJS <3 and iv never heard of store 21! i want one haha

    And my boyfriend managed to get me the hatbox in newcastle for christmas <3



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