Thursday 17 December 2009

A New Purchase But I Didn't Cheat Honest!

I shouldn't really be buying anything else this month but I managed to pick something up using my Boots advantage points which isn't real money is it ;)
After reading several good things I cashed some points in for the new Revlon Double Twist Mascara. Why? I really don't know I have so many mascaras to use up but this one really appealed to me - I can't wait to try it and do a proper review :)


  1. I got this to review from Revlon themselves and it's a nice little mascara, I just found that I had to clean the brush and learn how best to use the brush.

    You love it after a while!


  2. No worries! No cheating at all! And we never have too many mascaras ;-)
    Can't wait for a proper review on this!

  3. Yay for boots points. Let us know how you go with the mascara xx


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