Thursday 31 December 2009

Lessons Learned in 2009

I was going to do a review of the year post but I decided to do things a little bit differently. Instead I have decided to do a post on things I have realised or learned in 2009 - they are beauty, fashion, and general life related - hope you find it interesting x

1) Towel dry you hair before applying hair conditioner - omg this makes such a difference to the effectiveness of the conditioner
2) Remember what you say may be taken wrongly or differently - I have been far too trusting in the past and have landed myself in the poo because of it - don't assume everyone is on your wavelength
3) The return of Wispa Gold has been bad for my hips :)
4) Blue Cheese isn't as bad as I always thought it was - in fact I have a bit of a Stilton addiction going on at the moment - rahhhh
5) Get a good skin care regime and you really will see the difference
6) Cheap make up can be as good as expensive make up
7) I do not need to buy everything in Primark just because it's cheap
8) My hair doesn't look so bad even if I don't straighten it to within an inch of its life everyday
9) I don't not need to buy something from every MAC collection - I need to be selective
10) Letting go is one of the hardest things ever - be it a pair of shoes, a friend or a relative - but it's essential - we need to let go to move forward
11) People let you down - an obvious one I know but I wish it wasn't the case - especially when they don't realise it and carry on as normal when your hurting
12) Online shopping is dangerous!
13) Paying for everything in cash is liberating
14) I think my feet are shrinking I have bought several pairs of shoes in a 7 this year either that or shoe sizing is increasingly more erratic
15) You must keep using OPI Nail Envy or your nails break
16) Always carry a nail file - the one time you don't, you need it
17) Using cuticle oil makes such a difference to your nails
18) Being untidy is a bad thing you lose too much stuff
19) There is such a thing as too many nail varnishes
20) Being chubby might not be down to over indulgence and a lack of exercises
21) There is always room in my life for another cat
22) Be careful when lifting pans or taking things out of the oven - I still have the burns to show from a few mishaps this year
23) Primark paper bags are useless
24) I am not positive enough and think too many negative thoughts
25) I spend far too much time on my laptop
26) Newcastle airport is a rip off when it comes to food and why don't they have a MAC counter
27) My television and computer monitor are not going to last much longer
28) I think I have gone off football -it no longer has the same appeal
29) I can't imagine life without my mum
30) You Tube despite being scary has given me a bit of confidence

Well here's a few from me - what are your lessons learned in 2009

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  1. Oh i never knew the conditioner one - i shall have to try this. :)



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