Tuesday 1 December 2009

Christmas Giveaway Launch -CLOSED

Drum Roll the time has arrived the launch of my Christmas giveaway :) I have prepared a little box of goodies to see you through the festive season - in addition to the GOSH goodies I have also been picking up little bits for the last month or so.

The box includes:
2 GOSH eye pencils in Black Ink and Stone
GOSH Light N Shine Lip Glaze in No 2 a lovely sparkly Raspberry
GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer
GOSH Crystal Eye Lashes
GOSH SMokey Eyeshadow Collection
GOSH Soft N Shine Lip Balm in 30 Barbie
Mini Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Mascara in Ultra Gris
NYC Colour Eyelashes i973A Black Natural
Jelly Pong Pong Mini Brush Set
Snowman Shaped Shower Gel
Cupcake Shaped Face Cloth
Milk Chocolate Christmas Balls

This giveaway is open internationally and will be open for one week and will end at
5pm UK time next week.
All you need to do is be a follower of my blog, and leave a comment telling me two things
1) What gift you want more than anything else for Christmas ? - you don't need to be realistic what ever your heart desires
2) Also what is your biggest wish for 2010? It can be serious, it can be silly whatever you want
You must tell me both things in order to be entered - thats it fire away and good luck xxx


  1. I love giveaways!!
    Enter me please :)
    1)What I would want more for christmas would be my husband next to me :( and on the same day have someone give me 1 million to go shopping, Now that would be a merry christmas!!
    2)For 2010 I hope for stability and even more laughter. And of course see all the people I love succeed in whatever they do.

  2. Great giveaway chick, i would love to win this!
    1) What i would like for christmas would be a brand new car! Unrealistic but i can dream! Im currently sharing with my mum & even though thats ever so nice of her, i would love my own!
    2) For 2010 i hope to finish my 3rd year at Uni with flying colours, Have a nice summer holiday & lok forward to my final year of uni & becoming a teacher! :)


  3. What a great giveaway!
    I would love to enter.

    The gift I would like more than anything for Christmas, materially speaking, is a kindle! I love to read and the US seem to be going crazy for those things!

    My biggest wish for 2010 is to just be happy, financially comfortable and moving forwards!

  4. Fantastic giveaway Lou!

    Defo enter me! hehe.

    Christmas isn't about me anymore, its all about my kids.. my 2 lil men Anton and Harvey, so if I could have anything, it would be for them to have anything in the world that they wanted, then obviously we'd need a damn big house to fit it all in haha.

    And for 2010 I hope Harvey starts bloody walking haha. Im sure he'll still be sat there on the floor when hes about 5! lol.


  5. What would I like more than anything else? Unrealistically - never to work again! Realistically there's a gorgeouys Vivienne Westwood bag I would like.

    For 2010 I want to increase my confidence and start to enjoy life more. Get healthier and start a new hobby. All of those are pretty achievable I reckon!

    Fab giveaway.


  6. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog hun. What a fab giveaway please enter me!!
    1-For Christmas i'd just really like to have a fantastic time with my friends and family.
    2- For 2010, i'd love to get a new job, i think that would make life much much better xxx

  7. Oooh enter me please!

    What do I want more than anything for Xmas? To spend the entire day alone with just Mr Ross, usually we have to go and see family and I want him all to myself for one day.

    For next year I want to further my career a bit more and do a lot of travelling, here's hoping!


  8. Fab giveaway! Enter me please!

    For Christmas I would love a Chanel J12 watch! *Dream on!* ;)

    For 2010 I hope to win the lottery, so I can live in the lap of luxury! ;)

  9. Enter me please!

    What I want for christmas: I would like a trip to some island with the sun, the beach and the 5 stars hotel (7 years without holidays... ).

    What I wish for 2010: success and happiness for my beloved ones.

    Thanks so much for holding this contest!

  10. Yay a give away! :D
    Enter me please!
    1) For Christmas I want the little baby in my belly to be nice and healthy, he or she is due on the 10th December so for everything to go well and to have all our family around us would be perfect!

    2) For 2010 I want our little family to have a house to live in. Its in the process of being built, but its taking its time!

  11. Yay! I love giveaways!!!!!!
    1. I would like more than anything would be a boyfriend for christmas!:) You know, like the songs says!:):)
    2. I would like more money and family time in 2010!:)
    laura gerencser at roadrunner dot ocm

  12. enter me please :)
    I want a really good camera for my art :) the one I use at the moment is so bashed up!
    I just hope for 2010 to be a better year than this one, 2009 hasn't been too good to me


  13. Please enter me into your competition!

    What I would love for christmas.. well a big lottery win would solve a few problems (and probably bring a few too). Realistically probably a better mp3 player and some music software for my computer.

    2010.. to get on a course that I have nbeen trying for 2 years t get on- and get the associated qualification which would REALLY help my career!!

    Of course those things can go out the window if my family and friends are unwell. Its been a tough year so hopefully christmas will be a time of rest for all of us!

    I do feel like I should say world peace but then i'll feel like i'm in a beauty pagent!

    Great comp, thanks for hosting it! Emma :)x

  14. Fab contest, thanks!!!

    1. Ideally For Christmas I would love a Visa in my name...but the balance sent somewhere else every month - and paid in full, of course! hehe

    2. For 2010 I'd love to be more fit and self confident!

  15. I want the entire set of OCC Lip Tars and all the brushes from MAC! That would make me one extremely happy woman.

    For next year I really want to have a job that I really love. I want my family to be happy and healthy!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  16. I really want Michael Kors Leather Boots! I've always wanted a buttery leather pair but never had the money :(

    Biggest wish is to do better in grad school! had a mediocre start so I want to rock the year with awesome scores!!

  17. hey girl! great giveaway!
    What I want more than anything else for christmas is to be DEBT FREE so i can spend my hard earned money! eheheh

    And my biggest wish is to get myself to lose weight! i know i need to, I know I have time, I know I can do it, but i'm lazy and have not implemented it! i don't know what i need to do to motivate myself!!! that's sad - just pure laziness!! ARGH!!!! maybe someone needs to knock some sense into me. heeheheh ^_^


  18. enter me please!

    1)for christmas i would love a car... it's pretty unrealistic, but oh well

    2)my biggest wish for 2010 is that i get into university :) i hope it comes true :)

    great giveaway!

  19. Enter me please!! :)

    1) I really want an iphone more than anything!!

    2) I want too get fit & start the gym & stick too it!! XO

  20. Me please too!!

    1) I would love some new ankle boots (yawnsome I know!)

    2) For 2010 I hope that I am snuggled up in my new house xx

  21. What a brilliant giveaway, thanks for this Lou :D I'd love to be entered please!

    All I want for Christmas is.. to win this giveaway ;P haha! Nah I'm kidding :D although that would be a good bonus. I don't mind what gifts I get for christmas, as long as I get to have a turkey and stuffing sandwich in the evening. :D

    In 2010, I'd like to win a large sum of money the likes of which meant I'd never have to work again! Failing that, I'd like a well paid job that's lots of fun. I'll work on that. :)


  22. awesome giveaway! how lovely and generous of you :)

    1)what i would love the most for christmas is to have all of my family healthy, happy and having an amazing time together full of love and laughter.......and some christian louboutins or a balenciaga bag wouldn't freakin hurt!:)

    2) for 2010, i would love an awesome job that both inpires and challenges me, for after law school.
    x x x

  23. Great giveaway, enter me please x

    1) For Xmas I would love a gorgeous designer handbag

    2) And my biggest wish would be to get a first or 2.1 for my Bsc

  24. Firstly to go to new york, I have a small obsession with it!!
    Secondly for me and my boyfriend to find a place together finally, dam this recession!!!

  25. Great giveaway xoxo

    1. What I would want more for christmas is to have a fab time with my family as I dont get to see them much throughout the year :)

    2. For 2010 I want to continue being super happy with my life & for my little pup to get better

  26. 1.) I would LOVE to get $1 billion to shop... or a NEW Corolla! lol
    2.) My biggest wish... to win $1 billion out of no where!

  27. 1) What i would like for Christmas most this year would be car parts. i'm a car/speed junkie, some new engine modification parts would be nice :)
    2) My biggest wish for 2010 is to have a successful school year, i'm almost done with college

  28. oh my Enter me please!!!

    1. What i wanted for this xmas? Wish the bf is with me this xmas, we're so much miles apart.. (miss him so much)

    2. For 2010, i hope and wished for that i could pursue being an IBO..

    awesome giveaway!!!

  29. enter me please ..

    1) i want for my Christmas is tat i want my father to be debit free and happy , and so he can take better care of my family, i want to have so much money tat i can give my mom a real expensive diamond set of earrings*sighs* and my man to be with me and support me in every step of life

    2) i want to visit London with my man in 2010, and shop at MAC, i don't own a single one of mac product (yes i hear the gasp), and i lose all my extra fat so i cancan wear whatever i want and have a happy ending :)

  30. Ooh what a great giveaway! You're too generous Lou x

    1) For Christmas realistically I desperately want some cashmere gloves! Unrealistically, I'd love to get a house!

    2) My biggest wish for 2010 is engagement and marriage to Bartimaeus. Fingers crossed!

  31. please enter me :)

    1. I would love a new freeview box cos mine has broke and now the tv has changed i have 0 channels! :(

    2. I want to be happy.

  32. What a fantastic giveaway! You're going to make someone very happy! ^_^

    Well, enter me in as well, please!

    1) What gift do I want more than anything else for Christmas? - Being broke gives you a great perspective on life...I just want all my family and friends to be happy, and healthy. Oh, and money, money & money... to help pay for the rent XD!!!

    2) And also, what is my biggest wish for 2010? -- For 2010 to go beautifully well with everyone, especially in financial matters.(Moi, especially. ~.~) If everything flows right for you, the year is better. I want my loved one's dreams and aspirations to come true.

  33. I'd love myself some China Glaze (OMG and Kaleidoscope collections) - I was too late to haul these collections when they were released

    My wish for the new year: health and happiness for my loved ones

  34. I'd be the happiest person alive if I got a Balmain dress and a really gorgeous pair of shoe boots (call me sad!), but that's probably not going to happen haha.
    And next year, I want a proper fresh start. I'm going to stop swearing, and become a much nicer person because I'm not a fan of who I am at the moment. Fingers crossed that that happens! x

  35. 1) A pony! No, really. I always thought it would be epic cool to trot to class on a horse, and we have stables here so it works. :D
    2) And for 2010 I'm nervous about starting a new job but optimistic I'll like it. My wish that it is fun and interesting. (:

  36. lovely and super generous contest!!!

    what would I like more than anything for christmas? Well if I can be unrealistic, it would be for my auntie to wake up one morning, and be healthy again!...realistically, I just want a cozy, warm and happy christmas with the family. But I think now that's unrealistic too.

    as for 2010...to keep being with my boyfriend and for us to get on well in the academic world. lots of love and culture, that's all I ask for.


  37. Thanks for doing a lovely giveaway.

    1) What gift you want more than anything else for Christmas ? On a superficial level some Juicy cuture perfume the couture couture one
    2) Also what is your biggest wish for 2010? To get rid of my evil BIL slash lodger I hate him!

  38. For xmas I would love love LOVE a Balenciaga Giant City. <3
    And for 2010 I hope to find a bit more happiness. :D

  39. 1) What gift you want more than anything else for Christmas ?
    I'd really like a new Ficcare hair clip, oh and world peace :)

    2) Also what is your biggest wish for 2010?
    That I have a happy safe year, and get to visit England with my DH and I'd really really love for my back to stop hurting me.

    Thank you for doing a giveaway, best of luck to all.

  40. OOh how lovely of you.

    1. I would love a weekend in Paris, with chocolate, champagne and an apartment thats actually mine. Lol very unrealistic. So realistically some french choccies would be nice.
    2. For 2010 just that there are no more bad moments like this year, it started for me with a loss and a good friend just died so I would just like a happy 2010.

    Merry Christmas and wishing you a fab 2010.

  41. Giveaway Closed - Thanks for your entries xxx


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