Sunday, 13 December 2009

7 Things Purple - Tag

Eek it's taken my ages to do this sooooo sorry. I was tagged a while ago now by the lovely Lion Loving Tiger to do the 7 Things Purple Tag - this was so hard I love purple so I've given you a nice mix :)

1. Purple Agate Wind chimes
We have loads of these around the house but these are the ones in my room I bought these in Cyprus and they are dyed purple agate love them :)

2. My Plum,Purple, and Lilac Comforter
Love this satin, velvet and sequins, and it keeps me warm and cozy in case you can't tell my room is lilac so I have loads of lilac and purple things. This is from Primark

3. Yankee Candles
I love, love, love my candles and this is one of my favourites Greek Fig and Blackcurrant - it's been discontinued now though sniff :(

4. Purple Nail Varnish
This is a bit of a cheat but I've selected 3 different shades of purple nail varnish
OPI Purple With A Purpose and Nails Inc Belgrave Place
and Chanel Vendetta
All different shades of purple and gorgeous - I also have a lovely Leighton Denny purple and I love Revlon Plum Night

5. GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner Pencil
I love these pencils with a passion this one is in the shade Purple Stain - they are so soft and creamy and they last

6. Marc Jacobs Lola
A bit of a cheat but the bottles purple ;) I love this fragrance

7. Black and Purple Animal Print Top
This is a recent addition to my wardrobe and I love it funky and animal print what more could you ask for :)

OMG this was soooo hard, I can think of another dozen things I could have added but hope you enjoyed it - please feel free to do this tag either using purple or any other colour you like xx

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  1. I love Chanel Vendetta, might put some on later!


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