Sunday 8 January 2012

I'm Back

Hi Guys
A huge, huge apology for my rather extended absence - if you follow me on twitter you'll know that laptop gate went on for much longer than anticipated, culminating in a profuse apology on Saturday morning and the return of my laptop this evening , yes that's right on a Sunday!
The good news obviously is that my laptops back the bad news is that everything has gone, my pictures, my programmes, the works :( It's my own fault I guess I won't make the mistake of not backing up again, but I'm so annoyed pet photos, family pics, and of course blog photos all gone. So I guess I'm starting from scratch, first up I'm going to need some new office and photo editing software, here's hoping the compensation from the repair company covers that hmm, so in the meantime I'm hoping you'll continue to stick around whilst I get the whole blogging thing going again. I have lots of posts in my head so hopefully I'll start getting some up this week, including a post on 2011 and some of my aims for 2012, a post on some lovely bloggers, a nice surprise, and some OOTD and NOTD pics from Christmas. Which reminds me Happy Christmas and Happy New Year Guys, I'm so sorry I've missed the full festive season but don't worry my planned Christmas giveaway will happen as soon as I get myself sorted, so you can look at it as a sort of thank you :) So thank you my lovely followers for your patience and thanks to all the relevant PR companies and so on for being so understanding - now if you'll excuse me I have 4,000 emails to deal with  ;) x See you soon x


  1. Gutted you have lost everything but glad to hear you have got your laptop back :)

  2. I honestly thought something had happened to you and had to check your twitter to see if u was okay lol


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