Thursday 12 January 2012

Some Christmas Surprises From My Fellow Bloggers

I have to say I was a very lucky girl over the Christmas period as well as winning the Ray's giveaway (click here to see my prize), I also received two other lovely parcels from two of my fellow bloggers. First up I took part in the lovely Chars blogger secret Santa, I love secret santas not only because of the surprise element but in the blogosphere it can often introduce you to someone elses blog. That definitely happened in this case, my secret Santa was Trayci from Please May I, her blog is great with lots of real life posts and some great outfit posts - please check her out if you haven't already - anyways what did she get me?

She worked really well with the budget and bought me some super cute things - the two items in the Union Jack style packaging are from Wilkinsons - a little bubble bath inflatable sachet, and She's A Rebel Eye Shadow Palette. Somebody told me a while ago that Wilkinsons did their own make up and skincare line but I'd never made it to a store to try it, I have to say though if this eyeshadow duo is anything to go by this line is well worth checking out. I'm so sorry I haven't managed to do any pictures of the duo but the shadows which are just bigger than a 10p piece are in a gorgeous turquoise / aqua shade and a beautiful soft grey, they are sooo soft and pigmented - I'm really happy with this duo! Trayci also kindly got me the Boots Bobbypin Lipgloss Trio. I'm a huge Bobbypin fan and I love Jeffrey Fulvimari's fun illustrations, I already have a vanity case and a travel bag featuring his work. The lipglosses come in a lovely designed drawer style box, and they come in cute little illustrated tins, they gave a nice shiny appearance and a hint of colour either in red, pink or wine - again so cute and so me. She also got me some tissues in lip print packaging and a little heart shaped phone charm. Thanks you so much Trayci and thanks to Char for organising it xx

It's always puzzling when a fellow blogger messages you and asks for your address without giving you an explanation, but I sent my details to the lovely Emma from Computergirl's Musings anyways and I'm super happy that I did

The lovely Emma, had nominated me to receive a Christmas surprise from the lovely people at Aussie. A couple of days before Christmas I received a lovely gold wrapped parcel.

The parcel contained a lovely Christmas card on behalf of Emma and Aussie, and two fabulous Aussie haircare products. I received a huge 500ml bottle of the Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo and a 250ml bottle of Aussie Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment. I am currently finishing some other products but I can't wait to try these products out. I just want to say a huge thank you to Emma for thinking of me and obviously a huge thank you to Aussie for providing me with the products x

I have to say again over the last month I really haven't been myself, no laptop, and a horrid flu bug did not a happy LouLou make but these two pieces of kindness really lifted my spirits - Thanks you so much ladies xx
Oh and if you would like any reviews or swatches please let me know xxx

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  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend. These two surprise deliveries look fab, how lovely to receive them.


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