Tuesday 10 January 2012

Christmas and New Year Pics, Outfits and Nails of The Days

My blog absence happened to coincide with the entire festive season, and probably the worst flu bug I've had since oh maybe August ;) I'd planned to do a whole load of posts over Christmas and New Year but instead you've just got the one - first up a couple of festive snaps :)

How about some fur baby shots ?

Now some photos of the big day itself, I didn't take any of my pressies but I can assure you I was well and truly spoilt, I got lots of goodies from my wishlist including some MAC, and Chanel, some lovely D&G glasses and sooo many new nail polishes its untrue. Instead though the pictures are of my nails and my outfit - It's probably just as well that I've had no internet access my nails have been absolutely shocking, peeling, breaking you name it, I'm trying a few things to bring them round but in the meantime despite the short length my Christmas Day colour was the unfestive but super bright Nails Inc Shoreditch
The outfit was quite simple just a comfy dress and some black tights, no shoes just some pretty fair isle style slipper boots that I got for Christmas which unfortunately I forgot to picture x

I Wore
Geometric Paintbrush Design Dress -ebay
Black Tights - Primark

Well that was Christmas I ate and drank too much as per usual but that's what your supposed to do isn't it - between Christmas and New Year the cold flu thing returned and then Jasper got poorly - so me and my mum spent New Years Eve eating Mexican food, and drinking wine in front of the tv, and do you know what I thoroughly enjoyed it :) The day after New Years Day we headed to my godparents house for yet more food and beverages, I wanted to wear something nice and comfy so I went for this
I Wore
Purple Tie Side Top - Nina Leonard at QVC (I also have this in blue)
Ankle Length Black Leggings - Top Shop
Silver Tone Circle Detail Necklace - ASOS
Bracelet - The Bear and Gift Company (See Below)
Black Faux Alexander Wang A Like - ebay via My Godparents for Christmas :)

I actually wore this pretty bracelet on both occasions, from The Bear and Gift Company I actually won this in the lovely Ray's giveaway - thank you so much I love it!
Finally from my evening at my Godparents I wore a toning nail varnish to match the matte jersey of my top

Avon Matte Nailwear in Violetta is a gorgeous matte purple, the paint job isn't the best, it isn't showing the true colour that well and my nails are awful but I hope you get the idea :)

So that was Christmas and New Year I hope you all had a good one - let me know in the comments xx

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