Tuesday 10 January 2012

I've Had A Visit From The Fairy Hobmother

Whilst I was sans laptop the only way I was able to check my emails was via my phone and my itouch, totally disheartening and time consuming especially when 90% of it was junk mail, but a few emails did stand out including a lovely message from The Fairy Hobmother.

If you haven't heard of The Fairy Hobmother where have you been? Over the last few months she's been sharing the love in the Blogosphere rewarding deserving bloggers with a little treat on behalf of the lovely people at Appliances Online. Appliances Online is a great site which sells over 30,000 kitchen appliances every week in the UK, from cookers, to fridge freezers, and the best washing machines - I might pass the link onto my next door neighbours their washing machine sounds like it's coming through our kitchen wall at the moment lol ;)

Anyway the lovely email really came at the right time, and it really lifted my spirits. The Fairy Hobmother very kindly sent me £20 worth of Amazon vouchers :) Thankfully I was able to use the fabulously, good Amazon mobile site, and I managed to get my goodies in time for Christmas. I decided to go for a book I'd wanted for sometime

I know some people will sneer at this but it's actual a really good book for beginners or anyone new to make up, the book explains basic technique, all about different types of products, and all about the history of make up. I've really enjoyed reading it and I've found it really useful. If anyone can recommend any other make up books I'd love to hear them x

Because the voucher was so generous I also managed to get something else with just a tiny bit of funds added - the Mrs Browns Boys DVD - this was really for Mummy Lou, she loves Agnes Brown and thinks that she / he is hilarious so I chose this as a sort of family pressie - I have to say it is so funny especially he episode where grandad pretends to be dead lol

I'd like to say a huge thank you to The Fairy Hobmother, as I say her little treat really came at the right time x I'm lead to believe that The Fairy Hobmothers time with us is nearly at an end but if your quick she might be able to grant you a wish, just leave a comment on this post with your wish and some contact details , cross your fingers tightly and you never know she might pay you a visit


  1. Mrs Brown's Boys is so funny! I went to see it not that long ago in concert. Amazon vouchers are such a good gift. I was hoping for some for Christmas so I could get a Kindle. ;)

    My email address is makeupandme@hotmail.co.uk


  2. Aww thats so lovely. The book looks really good, i like reading about things like that.

    I would like to wish for a nice new recipe book!


  3. The Bobbi Brown book looks great, I'm after 'Makeup is Art' and hope to pick it up at IMATS!
    My wish would be for a better camera - my photography skills leave a lot to be desired and if I want to start doing outfit posts in the future I definitely need something with a bit more control!

    Thanks Lou!


  4. This is so lovely! I love amazon and what a nice way to start the new year o) my wish would be for vouchers to put towards a digital SLR camera for my boyfriend so he can start his dream career as a photographer :o)

    My email address is dollydevine@gmail.com

  5. My wish would be for the stargate sg1 entire series dvd box set! i gave away the dvds i had managed to collect to charity shop and i miss them so much :(

    my email address is


  6. I've been wanting to get this book for a while, it's so good that the fairy job mother was so generous to give you an amazon voucher.
    Right now, I really want a net book! or a clinique foundation, hehe :')


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