Saturday 21 January 2012

Hospital Related Hauling - L'Oreal, Soap & Glory, Peacocks and More

I've done it again haven't I - I've done a bit of a disappearing act over the last few days - sorry! I had a medical appointment yesterday which to be honest I wasn't looking forward typically I am none the wiser, I have to have some more tests and go back in 3 months, my consultant was lovely which was a bonus and we had a nice chat about yoga, tai chi and lots of other things, I even might dig out old Yoga For Fatigue DVD and give it a go, when I got over the horrid aches and pains I have today :( So yes my stress levels have been a bit high this week and stress means one of two things to me, I eat or I shop, seeing as I just started my diet on Monday I decided on some retail therapy. Yes I know Bad LouLou breaking my spending ban already but unless I go out alone and brave public transport I'm not going to have much of an opportunity to go shopping for the next 3 months whilst my mum recovers from her operation. That's my justification and I'm sticking to it ;)
Anyways what did I buy? well in the huge Soap and Glory gift set that I got for Christmas, there was a voucher for 300 extra advantage card points when you spent £10 or more on Soap & Glory make up, I've looked at the range before and I have to say it's never really wowed me, but I had another look and I picked this up

I have to say I'm not a fan of the cardboard packaging but Glow All Out is a gorgeous, peach pink toned face and body highlight / luminizing powder

It has a lovely smooth texture and the colour is beautiful - After seeing the swatches of Blonde MSF from the MAC Naturally collection I've came to the conclusion that this beauty is close enough not to warrant a purchase - result ! The only thing is I'm liking this so much I may have to take another look at the Soap & Glory make up line -eek never mind there is actually a free Soap & Glory Mascara in the next issue of Elle magazine which will hopefully satisfy my purchasing urges

Next in Boots I had a look at 75% sale items and I have to say I was disappointed, there was nothing much left  bar make your own photo calenders, but they did have a few fragrances in the sale section including  Harjajuku Lovers Wicked Style in Love - I love the Harajuku Lovers fragrances and I'd wanted this one for a while - it was only £10 for 30ml which was a real bargain

Oh and if your in Boots and your buying Diet Coke, as well as the Benefit voucher, you might also get one of these

I was under the impression that this promotion was long gone but they had a box full of them under the counter - The colour I chose was LG014 Golden Nude x
Next up Superdrug, I only went in for cotton wool pads but you know how it goes ;) First up these - yup Kiss fake nails

I'm trying out a new nail strengthening product at the moment but if it fails I'm running out of things to try, so these are my back up plan - I'm not a huge fan of fake nails but as needs must, we'll see x I also picked up a nail buffer too, the nail surface on some of my nails is awful especially where my nails have peeled :(

I also picked up a few things from BeautyUK to go towards my Budget Beauty Series

I'd seen these polishes on the the Beauty UK site but I'd never actually seen them in store, you get six polishes for £4.99 this set is called Midnight Minx :)

I also picked up another one of the Beauty UK lipsticks this time in shade 7 In The Buff - swatches and reviews will be in my Budget Beauty Series post on Beauty UK x

Always on the lookout for a bargain I also picked another one of the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows this time in the shade 027 Goldmine - these are on offer in both Boots and Superdrug for just £3.99 at the moment so your saving £3.00! well it would have been wrong not to ;)

Finally I went into Peacocks, I was so sad to hear that they went into administration this week but I can't say I'm surprised, their prices have been creeping up for sometime now, still I really hope they find a buyer, all the staff in my local stores are always so nice and chatty. I went to say what was left in the sale stock after my skirt bargain the other day to be honest though the clothes had been well ravaged I did pick up a few jewellery bits including these stacking ring sets

and these chandelier earrings - love them :)

I also got a few none sale items, as there was 20% off everything in store, including some undies and this cute tunic style top with belt

So that was my in store haulage - I did get a nail polish from ebay which came today - Color Club 927 Perfect Mol-Ten

Isn't it gorgeous I can't wait to apply it - a gorgeous duo chrome in silver and green shot through with pink loveliness

So that was my stress related haul - I may have some Avon coming, and I may have made a Dorothy Perkins order, yeah I'm one big fat fail :( On the plus side I've started ebaying again so all is not lost :) If you have any questions or if you would like to see any of these items in more detail or reviewed please leave me a comment and I'll see you tomorrow with a nails of the day post x


  1. Some great bargains there!I need to check out the S&G makeup......

    1. I have some reservations about the cardboard packaging on the items and I think some bits are a bit overpriced but so far so good - I think there is a voucher in the new boots health and beauty mag for extra points on S&G make up too xx

  2. I just reviewed the Glow All Out on my blog! I think you'll really like it! Whether it's comparable to MAC's MSF I'm not sure, but it's definitely comparable to Benefit's Moonbeam if you use it as highlighter on your cheeks, I think!


    1. Thanks lovely I read your post earlier today and I have to say I'm loving it so far x

  3. Feel better soon Lou! :) You got some lovely things, loving the ring sets.. very pretty :-) xox

    1. Thanks you my love - pretty aren't they xx

  4. Best nail strengthener is Butter London Horse Power Fertilizer! I have tried everything from Jessica, OPI, Essie, Dr. Lewinns, Trind and Pro-strong and none of them did anything!

    Horse Power is on sale at Naturisimo at the moment for £14.80 down from £18.50.

    Can't recommend it enough!

  5. The S&G highlighter and the lipstick look awesome! *__*


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