Tuesday 17 January 2012

Nails Of The Day - Biker Chic?

I have to be honest and say I've had awful problems with my nails over the last month, splitting, peeling, breaking, you name it, it happened . At last though there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel, a new cuticle products seems to be helping with the hang nails (review coming soon!), and my nails at last seem to be growing again. I'm going to be trying out a new nail strengthener product soon for you, but in the meantime I'm just happy I've got something to paint.
When your nails are super short, the majority of people seem to either stop painting their nails all together, or they paint them in a nice pale neutral, I have to admit I'm guilty of both, but do you know what? a dark colour on super short nails can look amazing, case in point MAC's Biker Blue

This is a beautiful colour a super dark navy with lots of blue sparkles, apologies for all the different lighting in these pictures, it was just so hard to capture the sparkle on camera. Oh and this is two coats x

Finally a slightly out of focus picture which I've included because it makes the sparkle look amazing

I personally love this colour and I think it looks great on short nails, what do you think of Biker Blue?


  1. Tis colour is absolutely stunning and exactly what I have been looking for! I actually prefer to keep my nails a little shorter- I think it looks chic x

  2. Aw typical when it was a limited edition colour :(

  3. Love it!

    I keep my nails short as well (partly because I prefer the way it looks, partly because long nails are a nuisance when doing stuff), and paint them all colours of the rainbow. Mostly in dark colours, mind.

    Barry M used to do something that looked a bit like this, but I don't know if they still do it (and the name is rubbed off my bottle so I helpfully don't know what it's called!).

  4. Thanks lovely I'll have a look at Barry M colours xx hope your well xx

  5. Blue is my favourite colour for polish, along with purple. The only Mac polish I own is a very old purple called Varicose Violet - great name! Loving the look of this one too x


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