Friday 27 January 2012

My Nail Polish Collection - MAC

We all now about my love for MAC make up, you don't ? well stay tuned for a series of posts on my MAC collection but what you maybe don't know is that I also have a bit of a thing for MAC nail polishes. The quality sometimes isn't all that I admit but they certainly make up for it in colours, and textures. I have to apologise in advance that the majority of these colours are now discontinued, in fact the first couple of polishes are so ancient they come in different packaging (from 1999 - 2001 ish!) eek - lets get started and don't forget to click the polish names to see some nails of the days.

From left to right Shag and ???

 I can find a name on the bottle of the poor colour on the left so I felt it deserved an nails of the day in this post - I love purple :) (The lovely Charlie - Lady of the Lane has suggested this may be Grid and do you know what I think it is!- thanks lovely xx)

Now back to modern day packaging :)

From left to right  - On The Prowl, Dry Martini, Seriously Hip and Bad Fairy

Again from left to right - Formidable, Kid Orange, Beyond Jealous and Biker Blue

Finally the newest kid on the block - MAC and Gareth Pugh - Ascension

Yet another colour that I think deserves a nails of the day in this post x It's looking quite lilac / purple here but it's shot through with golds, greens and blues

I've also took a few slightly out of focus pictures in different lighting so you can see how it changes x

The quality of MAC nail polish can be a bit hitty missy some apply like a dream some not so well. For a cosmetic brand nail polish thought they aren't badly priced, at £9.00 for 10ml, (although in recent collections I have noticed a price rise boo) maybe Chanel could learn a thing or two from MAC. Do you have any MAC nail colours ? and what do you think?


  1. I think the first one might be called Grit or Grid? I used to have it! x

    1. do you know what charlie I think your right - that definitely rings a bell and the description on Temptalia fits Grid perfectly - thank you x


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