Sunday 15 January 2012

A Few Purchases - Urban Decay, George, Peacocks and Lily Loves Lola

Although the spending diet has resumed I have to admit that it isn't going too well this month, I can only blame one thing if I'm being honest

Yup, Urban Decay Naked 2, ever since I saw this I wanted it and I have to say the banter on the Debenhams Beauty Club Facebook page and on Twitter on the launch night was hysterical and it was something that I'll remember for a long time x

I have to say the palette is beautiful, the metal casing is so much more practical and stylish than Naked 1, and the colours are gorgeous, early favourites are Suspect, Verve and of course YDK which is a long standing Urban Decay favourite x If you have the first Naked palette do you need this one? no probably not, although only one colour Half Baked is duplicated some of the new shades are quite similar, if you love neutrals though like me then yes I can see that this would be a good investment x

Another thing that I liked about Naked 2 is the absence of Primer Potion, I know a lot of people have said that they would have preferred it to be included but I'm not the biggest fan so I was more than happy to see a Mini Lip Junkie Lipgloss included instead  - In the shade Naked, it's quite a sheer neutral pink, with a minty taste and lip plumping properties.

So that was £36 of my monthly budget gone, which was a tad worrying considering I'd already bought a top from Asda

I have to blame the lovely Sarah from Found On Film, for this she tweeted a picture of herself wearing it and I have to say I love it. I am a huge kitty cat fan, and I love the print. 2012 seems to be the year of the kitty cat print so far  - Victoria Beckham's new fashion range Victoria includes a few items with cat prints like this one :) The photo's aren't the best but the black top features a light mustard kitty cat print on the front in a slightly sheer fabric, and a solid black back which is slightly longer than the front. I love this top and it was great value at only £9.

Keeping with the mustard and black theme I've been cyber stalking this skirt from Peacocks for sometime now, yes even on my phone I was watching it! It was £18, then it was reduced to £9 and last week I found it in store for just £5.40!!! Result!! It features a wide black elasticated waist band, a
cotton petticoat lining and it's in the most amazing mustard shade! I love mustard!

My final little purchase came from the lovely Victoria from Lily Loves Lola, if you don't already Victoria has a webstore where she sells cute handmade bracelets and other jewellery pieces. I ordered two of her friendship bracelets, both on black cord, one with a silver tone Hello Kitty charm and one with a tiny little silver tone star charm

Aren't they cute :) So they were my purchases from January so far. I admit it I have gone over my monthly limit, Naked 2 saw to that, but I'm trying to stay strong, my real test will be next week if we manage a trip to the Metro Centre and the week after when my mum goes into hospital eek. Anyways if you have any questions or thoughts please leave me a comment xx


  1. Those are excellent buys! I love the skirt (because I also love mustard) and the kitty top is so cute :D

    I'm going to get Naked 2; I have Naked and use it a lot, but the colours in Naked 2 just look that little bit better for me. So it would be, er, rude not to, or something....

  2. Very nice Lou. Has anyone found Kelly though? Haha ;) xx

  3. I love your new header and I want that cat print top/dress xx


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