Monday 15 April 2013

Honesty, Sadness, An Outfit Fail And A Quick Face Of Saturday x

I'm sorry that these posts are a little later than I intended them to be but I spent most of Saturday night and yesterday in a stupid amount of pain, my muscles literally seized up, in a mass of cramps and spasms, the cause of the pain - believe it or not a blogger event. On Saturday I attended my first ever blogger event hosted by FABB Events at Tiger Tiger in Newcastle. I didn't do anything that people don't do everyday of the week yet I ended up in some serious pain. I hate my stupid body at times and my physio is going to have a field day on Wednesday trying to iron me out, but do you know what? it was worth it. I really think I should give my body a kick in the teeth more often and do things that I enjoy and suffer the consequences - life really is too short. I'll post more about the event itself later but I thought I'd do a quick outfit and face of the day post x

I was scared about the whole thing to be honest: when your completely lacking in self confidence and self belief hurling yourself into situations like events when you've never me a soul there is scary. I constantly feel as though people are judging me and critiquing me all the time, I know this isn't true but its how I feel, so what do you wear to meet up with fashion and beauty bloggers? well I'm afraid I stayed well within my comfort zone. I'm feeling super uncomfortable about my body at the moment the weight isn't coming off as quick as I would like ( my doctor said it would be hard and boy is it) and quite frankly I hate looking in the mirror at the moment. I picked a simple smart casual outfit, that above all was comfortable.

What I Wore 
Blue Jeggings - Asda
White Vest - La Redoute 
White Number Burn Out Top - Primark
Lightweight Black Blazer - Sienna Couture At New Look
Black Biker Boots - Studio Catalogue
Gold Acrylic Mirror Name Necklace - Punky Pins

Standing up and walking I was feeling OK glancing at my reflection in shop windows etc. I thought you aren't looking too bad Lou - I was wrong though, I've had a look at some of the pics from the event and quite frankly I could have cried sitting down the two layers of top does nothing for my stomach, and the white makes me look huge :( In fact I almost look pregnant (thanks for that Mummy Lou)- comfortable but all in all a fail and a real confidence killer - I guess there is a reason why so many clothes for fuller figured women are dark - white clothing, flash photography and a super curvy tummy does not a happy LouLou make :(  Everyone has been so nice about everything though so I can't thank you all enough for being so sweet and understanding - It only goes to show what fabulous people end up in the North East xx

From something I felt like utter turd about to something I was happy with - my make up - I was in a major hurry and I knew that being a slightly warmer day than we'd had lately nothing dramatic would last so I made the decision quite early to go for something neutral - I didn't have much time to photograph the look so you can see the lipstick here x and the eye look will be up in my palette of the month post later this week and yeah it is another fish face :)

What I Wore
GOSH - Velvet Touch Cream Primer
Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation - Ivory
Mixed With
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid - 010 Ivory
Boots No7 Trio Conceale - Lightest 2 Shades Mixed
MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
Benefit Sugarbomb - All Shade Swirled Together
 Maybelline The Colossal Mascara - Glam Black
Front Cover Satin Pressed Eyeshadows - Mocha Magic, Brown Cork, and Burnt Cork
Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick - 04 - Rose Tweed.

I know you can't see the look too well, It will be definitely something that I will wear again it was simple, and it looked really fresh, and natural, and shock of horrors I still had make up to take off when I got home - result! Pretty boring but effective - if you want to see a much more exciting eye look though check out this post from the lovely Aqeela who I was lucky enough to meet at the event - how amazing are her eyes?

I'm sorry that this post was a bit of a downer, if your not happy, your not happy though and you can't pretend to be something your not. Thankfully my negativity came after the event which was a great experience that I'm so pleased to have taken part in - my full post on the event will be up shortly, if I haven't scared you off already that it :) xx 


  1. I'm glad to hear you had a good day, sorry you're suffering for it now though - I hope you feel better soon!
    Don't lose heart with your weight loss, nothing worth doing comes easily! If you're having a down day, just remember you're working to make changes and you're doing great!
    Loving the fish face :P

    Jesss xo

  2. You looked lovely Louise ,and I know how you feel I have fibro I know you have other things too ,it's hard to keep pushing yourself ,but good for you ,I'm glad you went and enjoyed yourself x

  3. Sometimes on days when I feel bad about my weight I like to put a favourite bright dress on or fab shoes or a bright red/pink lip, something that draws away from my weight. Make up and shoes always fit, and a bright lipstick always makes me happier and more confident.
    I've read some inspirational posts on this blog lately -
    (Its not my blog, just some nice posts on there)

  4. Aww hunny I am so sad you feel like this. You look beautiful to me, and the outfit is great!! Rarely does anyone look good when scrunched down as we have been brainwashed by beautiful media images of beautiful airbrushed people. If you feel bad about your body I really suggest looking AT I know your issue isn't your boobs, but it really helped me looking at this and realising for the first time in my 40 yrs I wasn't a deformed freak. xxx

  5. Keep doing the fish face! I love it xx


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