Tuesday 9 April 2013

AVON Color Trend Lip Stix - A Budget Beauty Series Special

In last months haul the gorgeous Mummy Lou paid for a teeny, tiny Avon order for me. It only contained 2 items but they were things that I really wanted to try - the new Color Trend Lip Stix

These are basically twist up lipstick pens, the plastic pen style bullet contains a thin lipstick, just a couple of times larger than a lip liner - chubby sticks they ain't. Obviously this means that you need to use a bit more product so I don't think that these will last very long. It's also worth noting that these lipsticks aren't retractable so be careful how far you twist it up, as you won't be able to get it back it. They have a very, very subtle coconut / vanilla type smell.

Anyways on to the colours - they come in a 5 shades at the moment ranging from nude, to coral to red. The first shade that I got was Gone Pink. This a pale milky pink shade - just the type of shade that I personally love. It is slightly different to the brochure, it's a lot paler and slightly less pigmented.

Shades like this are hard to get right the formula needs to be just right. Unfortunately this product is a bit of a fail in this shade for me. It's very thick, but at the same time it lack moisture so it ends up almost clumping and clinging to dry patches that you didn't even know you had. From a distance it doesn't look bad - check out my frog face, trout pout, fish face :)

In close up though it's a different story, I went through so many pictures, and I even tried taking pictures on 3 separate occasions but I couldn't make this look any better :(

Not great is it? I can't recommend this product at all, it was horrid! The texture was horrid, it looked really nasty on the lips and it faded really unevenly.

As well as Think Pink though I also picked Think Fast Pink, I was a bit mehhh about trying  it but I gave it ago anyway.

Again the brochure swatch is a bit different, in it Think Fast Pink appears to be a lot brighter than what it is in real life. It's still a lovely pink shade but it's a lot more wearable than I anticipated.

This shade felt a bit more moisturising and it actually applied a lot better. There was still a little bit of bittiness but on the whole I think it looked at least 70% better.

It too faded a little bit unevenly but it looked and lasted better than Gone Pink. It isn't perfect by any means but I think I will use this one up.

This review was a bit of a mixed bag really wasn't it? I can never understand why two products that are exactly the same bar the colour can be so different. I was really looking forward to trying these and I have to say I'm disappointed, I'll use up Think Fast Pink but I can see Gone Pink languishing in the bottom of my lipstick drawer or ending up in the bin. These have a recommended retail price of  £4.50, but being Avon they are nearly always available as part of an offer - my advice though is don't waste your money on these buy one of the normal Color Trend lipsticks instead. Have you tried these yet? do you share my disappointment? let me know in the comments xx


  1. Whenever you do lip swatches, PLEASE take more pictures with the trout pout, you look sooooo pretty :)

    1. lol thank you so much thats very sweet I might just do that ;)

  2. Ooo I haven't tried Avon for ages and these look great, love the second pink one ;)

    Kylie x

    1. The second one is definitely my favourite of the two x the color trend normal lipsticks are really nice :)

  3. I really dont like these. They're not stumpy enough and I don't like the coverage x

  4. Such gorgeous shades. It's a shame the first didn't apply well! x

  5. Think Pink is a nice colour, shame about the formula. Also I know they'll be constantly on sale but £4.50 seems a bit steep for a color trend product!


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