Friday 26 April 2013

Foodie Friday - What I Ate In April

It's hard to believe when I look at some of the food I've eaten this month but I've finally managed to start losing weight again, pretty surprising I'm sure you'll agree when you look April's food review of the month.

April started as you would expect with an Easter chocolate overdose, no pics of any chocolate eggs - they didn't last long enough instead here are some creme egg chocolate brownies and some mini egg Easter nests x

Yummy :) over the Easter I also made a massive dish of cheese nachos with homemade salsa which was amazing.

Speaking of cheese, in April I had my first cheese and onion toasted sandwich in ages, using gluten free white sliced, mature cheddar, and red onion nom!

Mmmm comfort food there really is nothing nice :) - A couple of weeks ago my mum had a real craving for drop scone, scotch pancakes or whatever else you want to call them - she made them with gluten free flour, and we had them with a bit of butter and some lemon curd yum!

 A nice plate of warming chilli always puts me in a good mood :) - this one was loosely based on this recipe but I made it without the soya mince and instead just used a combo of beans and vegetables, and I thickened the sauce, with a gluten free flour and butter mix for extra richness - gorgeous and probably one of the best I've ever made.

As you've probably gathered from my foodie Friday posts I am a huge card junkie and this month I made one of my favourite ever comfort foods - Nigella Lawson's Double Potato And Halloumi Bake (you can find the recipe here ) - Instead of halloumi I used a combination of feta and mozzarella.

There was loads left so the next day I warmed it up in the microwave and mixed it with some pasta sauce, some more mozzarella, and some cooked pasta for a carb overload.

Speaking of pasta I also made a pesto pasta salad with some low fat mayo mixed with pesto sauce, cooled pasta, mixed beans, sweetcorn, red onion, and sun dried tomato x

and as you know I also made my Creamy Mushroom And Basil Pasta - click here to see the recipe xx

Despite all of these calorific goodies I did try to be good this month and tried to stick to healthy snacks at least including these fab Kallo rice and corn cakes x

and some yummy Graze Lightly Salted Popcorn - you can find out more about Graze here and get a free box with my gift code LK47LF8D.

Oh I almost forgot that I had one of the gorgeous cake pops at the Newcastle FABB Event, naughty but oh so worth it xx

So that was my foodie month, what about May? well I'm hoping for some better weather and maybe the start of salad season and hopefully the start of yummy summer fruit to encourage me to eat more healthily, It's also my birthday next month so I can't guarantee I'll be good then though ;) Have you eaten anything new or exciting this month? let me know in the comments xx


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