Friday 17 April 2009

Regaining Some Focus

I haven't updated since my self hating episode a few days ago but I feel in a slightly better place today and I feel a bit more focused on the things I want to achieve

I had a shocking start to the week :( All the junk I had eaten over the Easter weekend seriously caught up with me and I got the most evil case of IBS I have had for a long time. Really sorry if this is a bit TMI but I was in agony for two days - yuck, yuck - I am now trying to get my eating and diet back on track again - I was too scared to get on the scales this week but I will definitely by facing the music on Monday. In the meantime less junk food and plenty of fruit, veg and fibre.

I don't think I said anything but a few weeks ago I eventually got a new desk - my old one collapsed just before Christmas due to a complete overload of junk, so I decided to take this opportunity to overhaul the entire room and to really sort my craft storage out. Its taking a bit longer than I anticipated (damn ME) but in the last couple of days I have finally got round to some serious organising and sorting out.

My decluttering and organising in other areas is also back on track again because believe it or not I have eventually started my ebay listings - fair enough I still I have loads of items still to list but its a start and things are selling well so far - fingers crossed

I did make a tiny splurge this week but for once it made me truly happy - After seeing a pic of Emma from Magpie Sparkles fab China Glazed sparkly turquoise nails I though it would be rude not to copy her, so I got some China Glaze nail polishes from ebay. I'll try and put some pics up when I get my cuticle work done - Thanks Emma for introducing me to a new addiction - China Glaze :)

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