Saturday 25 April 2009

A Catch Up - Weak As I Am

Ok - its time to confess my sins !

As predicted the shopping trip with my godmother was a bit of a wobble for me and it again showed how weak I am when it comes to shopping - It start off well - I returned my New Look dress and didn't buy a thing in the process. It was a bit of a shame actually I normally love everything Giles Deacon does and I have at least one piece from each of his previous collections for New Look but I have to say I was pretty disappointed by this one which launched on Thursday- nothing screamed buy me for once, it was all exposed zips, studs and weird shapes :( - not flattering on me at all. So one shop down no purchases, next came H&M. Oh dear - I majorly fell down in here buying some fab tops and vests in gorgeous bright shades of orange and blue, some super blue suede gloves for only £3, and a gorgeous orange and peach corsage(see pic). To be fair I love all of these items and will get a load of wear out of them, oh and they forgot to charge me for one of the vests - I feel a tiny bit guilty about this one but it was the cashiers mistake and I didn't realise till I got home ! Next I went to Primark - for a change nothing really grabbed me in there and I just got a couple of things - yet another nightie, a lovely cream metal flower brooch, and some yummy sunglasses (see pic of side detail) - not bad.
The next shop we went into was Superdrug - oh dear - I got my Maybelline Foundation as I said I would and it had £2 off so I was well chuffed but I also bought some leg wax and some hair removal cream (essentials), some false eyelashes (the Eyelure Girls Aloud - Cheryl ones), and a GOSH eyeshadow stick. It gets worse - then I got some Lush Goodies (including my holy grail Jasmine Henna Fluff Ease Conditioner) and this tribal tankini from Next although I only paid £5 for it because I still had my £25 gift card so that wasn't so bad. Bad enough you may think well it got worse again I ordered another Sesame Street nightdress "Make Cookies Not War" and a necklaces Top Shop , and got an eyeshadow from Boots- Whoops. I have to admit though that it could have been so much worse - as well as the Giles stuff I was just a bit mwwwahh about the majority of stuff in the shops. Maybe I am losing my shopping mojo - I hope so. Still I managed to get a few bits which my Godmother is going to keep till my birthday so that's something to look forward to in what is going to be a hard week or so.
My mum went for her pre operative assessment at the hospital yesterday and it looks as though she is going to be going in for her operation in a weeks time - she has to go for some bloods on Thursday but it looks pretty much nailed on. We both got a bit upset and emotional about things last night but sometimes you need that to clear the air and get things out in the open - we are both pretty emotional people and we sometimes keep things to ourselves and then it kind of explodes - yesterday was one of those days - Still onwards and upwards -OK some things aren't great my own health included but my ebays are selling well, I love my mum and my family and I have some amazing friends - I have a lot to be thankful for x


  1. I hope your mums op goes well hun x

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  3. See i knew you were ebaying the old stuff to make way for the new purchases in your wardrobe ;) hehe. The Next Tankini is cute. Hope your mums operation goes well x


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