Monday 20 April 2009

Rememberance, Realisation and Reality - A Bit Of A Ramble ?

It's been a strange day so far in many ways. Today would have been my dads 65th birthday. My mum and I visited the cemetery this morning to put some flowers on the grave - I chose some lovely pink and white lillies -a beautiful flower with an unforgettable fragrance for an unforgettable person...Unlike some people I don't think I ever feel truly sad when I visit a cemetery - the one feeling that always comes out is love - all those beautiful flowers, teddy bears and windmills all symbolise how much people really are loved even when they are gone. I can't believe he's been gone nearly 7 years so much has changed in that time especially me - I'm a completely different person than I was then - I feel have grown up so much - I only hope that I've changed for the better...

Well I'm certainly a lot fatter than I was then - I have part on 3lbs since before Easter which is just a disaster I was doing so well and I am nearly back to square 1. Never mind I am starting again today by making some lovely Butternut Squash Soup - I am making a whole load so I can put some in the freezer for some healthy lunches and dinners which I can heat up when I haven't got much energy

Oh one plus today I didn't spend any money - I was really tempted by some bright, colour block vests from The Factory Bargain Shop at 2 for £10 but I resisted. I might have a wobble later on in the week though I am going for a pre birthday shopping trip hopefully on Thursday with my Godmother eek! I am definitely taking my New Look dress back so that might give me a tiny bit of money to play with ;) Oh another thing I am an avid hoarder of those magazine freebie sample sachets and I very rarely use them bar when I go on holiday, but today I tried a sachet of Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation - OMG I love this stuff ! My mum said I looked more healthy, and what had a done to my face ? Wow that is impressive for me, but what does that show if I look better in a drugstore brand of foundation as oppose to my usual MAC or Clarins foundation? Hmm maybe cheaper beauty is the way to go! I am going to try and pick some of this up on Thursday - Here's hoping for a special offer!!!

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