Saturday 25 August 2007

Diplomas, Holiday Shopping, Diets and Housework!

I have came to the ultimate conclusion that ME sucks!
I have managed to do a little bit of holiday clothes shopping in the last week or so but by god am I paying for it now. We went on thursday morning and now on Saturday I am still completely shattered - I feel like I have been bleedin kicked! I am now trying to do some essential tidying whilst sitting in an office chair!!!!
At least the diet is going well another half a stone and I will be bikini ready! Only problem is my favourite jeans are now to loose - you win some you lose some LOL !
Another positive is that I have passed my psychology diploma - at long last I got my final grade and it was yet another A! I am really chuffed despite my MSc and stuff I was never an A grade student but I have proven to myself that despite my ME I can still achieve something! Wahoo for me! Thanks too to Dawn for the homemade congratulations card !
Talking of homemade I have also just finished my New York holiday scrapbook - I am reallly pleased with it - it is a great reminder of a great holiday experience! I will try and put a few pics on when I get a moment so you can all have a look at my hard work!
Plans for the week to come not a lot - attempting more tidying, maybe making a few cards for my mums birthday, chilling and having a good rest! If I wasn't in pain life wouldn't be bad! LOL!


  1. Oh please put some NY piccies on - I am going through a total obsession atm with NY!!!

  2. Oooo NYC lovely and amazing place! I will try and get some pics of my scrapbook on by the weekend!


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