Monday 30 August 2010

Goods + Bads

Hey my lovely peeps time for another Goods + Bads but before I start I just thought I'd let you know what's coming up this week on my blog :) the answer is reviews and lots of them I am hoping to get at least 3 sets of reviews up by the end of this week so keep checking back to see what I've been testing for you xx Anyways onto the goods and bads not too many bads this week thank goodness but still..


* I've lost another 3lbs this week I am so pleased I can now get my fat jeans on and off without unzipping them :)
* Less than 5 weeks to my holiday I desperately need sunshine this summer has been a washout :(
* I had a row with my mum last night which isn't in itself good but everyone on twitter was so nice to me last night - thankfully me and my mum had a long chat last night and got a few things out in the open which was good - she brought me a nice cup of tea in bed this morning too so all is good x
* My Naked palette - nuff said I love this palette and Money eye colour from the new Book of Shadows, and Sob cream blush by Illamasqua :)
* It's my mums birthday a week tomorrow and I am getting all Nigella and planning what I'm going to cook :)
* Posts from two lovely ladies Michelle from Lipstick Rules and Alice In A New Wonderland that made me cry a little - 2 lovely ladies whom I never would have known without blogging xx


* I stood on the plug of my hair straighteners yesterday and the front prong has pierced the ball of my foot - it looked horrible at the time squirting blood and all sorts -it's cleared up now but it still hurts when I put pressure on it :(
* ME / Fibro Pains - I had an awful pain in my neck last night :(
* The roof - roof guy still hasn't come thankfully we have had no prolonged periods of rain so it's stayed pretty dry inside

Hope your all having a lovely bank holiday xx


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! And I'm glad you have smoothed things out with your mom.

    Thanks for the shout-out here and a HUGE thanks for helping me and Lyd. You are super fabulous!!


  2. OMG that plug injury sounds painful!

    Congrats on the weight loss. Dont know how you manage it with your baking skills!

  3. Oww! Hope your foot is ok! I stood on the pokey bit of my boyfriends belt once, bloomin hurts! Well done on your weight loss :) x


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