Monday 9 August 2010

Goods and Bads

Afternoon all - I haven't done one of these for ages and I thought now was a good time to start them up again :)


* Weight loss - I've managed to lose another pound this week making it 12lbs in total - I still have a fair way to go till I'm happy but it's given me the strength to keep at it. I've also been sent a new nutritional and weight loss supplement called Kilo Off to try - I am starting today and I'll report back in 10 days to let you know more about out and how I've got on :)

* Less than 8 weeks to my holidays - woot, woot - very excited I can't wait for a bit of sunshine and some proper relaxation

* New skin care - I am trying out some new skin care bits and I'm really loving them at the moment - reviews to come

* Swaps I love them - currently doing a few at the moment :)

* I now have over 300 followers - thank you all of you xx


* My mum isn't too well at the moment - am a bit worried about her to be honest - to much to go into but she is having problems with one of her legs :(

* My money situation - nuff said after a week or so of being bad I am back where I started

* Non paying ebay bidders grrr

* Sleeping super badly at the moment

* I am so behind in blog posts at the moment argh


  1. I'm sorry to hear abour mum Lou. Also have to agree with you on non paying ebayers, it really annoys me. Well done on the weight loss x

  2. Yeah, non-payers. Bad news.

  3. Sorry about your Mum. hopefully its nothing serious and she is better soon

  4. Well done on your weight loss! I hope your mum feels better soon x

  5. Cute post babes. Hope mums ok.
    Take care

  6. hope your mom would feel better..


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