Saturday 7 August 2010

Blog Sale and Fellow Blogger Haulage and Tan Accelerator Thoughts

I got a few things this week that I bought from my fellow bloggers - you ladies and gents too are my biggest weakness. Always wanting to help a fellow blogger out a bought a few bits from the lovely Computergirl
A brand new MAC eyeshadow in Plum Dressing, some lovely jade stone earrings from Dorothy Perkins, and some cute star studs from George, she was also kind enough to throw in a free apple chapstick :) - thank you xxx
I also noticed a tweet from the lovely Kelly aka Happy 1234 saying that she was selling her new Maui Babe tan accelerator of course I jumped at her offer as I've heard lots about this one.
I love Steve Whatley's Zhuzh and the Elemis one but this sounded like something a bit new - you use the Elemis one for two weeks before you go away as a body lotion, and you use the Zhuzh wipes in a morning and the Zhuzh spray to top up when your actually in the sun. I think I am going to use my Zhuzh wipes in the morning as before and top up with the spray through the day but when I am going to the beach or by the pool I am going to put on a layer of Maui Babe and then top up with Zhuzh spray every time I reapply my SPF. The Zhuzh one is just a pleasant, fresh smelling milky liquid where as the Maui Babe is a brown toned lotion which smells of coffee - that's why I am going to just use it when I am wearing my cossie - I will of course let you know what I think when I come back - huge thanks to Kelly too x


  1. You're welcome! Grad they arrived safely and that you like them! Much beter being used than sat in my drawer :) xx

  2. Thanks hun :) where are you off too?


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