Tuesday 3 May 2016

A Review Of Benecos Natural Compact Blush - Sassy Salmon*

The eagle eyed readers among you will probably already have at least some idea about what this posts going to be about. No I don't mean from the title that's way too obvious - I actually mean from the pretty large hint that I dropped in Fridays My Pure post.

It made sense I guess, if I was going to review the Benecos Rouge Brush, it made sense to review one of their blushers too so for the second of April's My Pure review I'm reviewing the Benecos Natural Compact Blush in the shade Sassy Salmon.

I've already talked an awful lot about the Benecos philosophy but I think it's important to mention it again. This German brand is BDIH certified and what that means is that the products are free from a lot of nasties that tend to crop up in a lot of beauty and make up products. They only use predominantly organic natural ingredients, and their products are also cruelty free, gluten free and free from genetically modified ingredients.

Like the Natural Highlighting Powder that I reviewed in a previous post (read it here) this blusher only contains natural pigments and minerals, and it is free from artificial colourants. It's also packed full of hydrating and moisturising skincare ingredients including macadamia nut, and castor, and sunflower seed oils.

This 5.5g powder blusher comes packaged in simple, but stylish clear plastic packaging. The blusher itself is embossed with the Benecos leaf / stalk logo.

My Pure currently have 3 colours to choose from but the one I chose was probably the most summery Sassy Salmon, a pretty rosy coral shade. I've tried my best to replicate it in these pictures but in real life it's probably a touch more brighter and coral looking.

As you can see from the swatch picture the pigmentation is excellent, this blusher has a soft, velvety feel, and despite the fact that it's a little powdery in the pan it's very easy to apply and to blend.

I feel like a broken record lately but thanks to the changeable weather this probably isn't the best of pictures but I hope you can see the pretty glow that you can achieve with this blusher. I think that this blusher would work on most skin tones, and because of that I can really see if being one of my go to summer cheek shades for Summer 2016. I love this blusher and it will definitely be making an appearance in my March / April favourites video, not only for the appearance, and quality but also for the amazingly purse friendly price. The Benecos Natural Compact Blush  is available from My Pure and comes in 3 shades and retails at just £5.95 for 5.5g of product - which I think is pretty decent when you consider the quality of the product, and the companies philosophy. What's you favourite blush shade for summer? Leave me a comment and let me know below x


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