Monday 9 May 2016

Primark Haul - Late April 2016 Edition - Clothes, Jewellery And Beauty

Hi Guys x I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I know I did, I've been loving the warm and sunny weather that we've had in the UK over the past few days. Alas it isn't supposed to last too much longer but hopefully there will be a lot more warmth and sunshine to come.

I'm still finding it hard to believe that we're in the second week of May already, I sound like a broken record I know, but this year is really flying by, the days all seem to be merging into one and a result my to do list just keeps getting longer

Hence this post is nearly a week later than it should have been, I don't suppose it matters as it's just a Primark haul post but I still wish I was one of those organised people, that seem to sail through life without a care, do they even exist? and if they do how do I become one of them?

Anyways enough of the prattle and on with the goodies - I spent a lot of time in April in Primark (see my previous April haul here) and this all be it small haul is from two separate visits at the end of April - where I kind of broke my I'm not going to buy any summer clothes rule..

You how the saying goes, if you love something, buy it in every colour! Well that's exactly what I did with the first couple of things that I bought. I love layering pieces and this waistcoat come sleeveless jacket from Primark's tailoring range fits the bill perfectly.

I don't think that this top really has a lot of hanger or even picture appeal, as you don't really get to see the shaping or the movement. I loved it so I bought in both of the colours that I could find - navy and ivory. It's basically a tailored due fabric, draped waistcoat, the front, the front pockets and side panels are made of a thicker, dotty textured fabric, and the back is made of a sheer toning, chiffon type fabric.

They were £13 each and I think they are going to be a couple of really useful additions to my wardrobe. There quite unusual pieces but you really could wear them with anything - I think I'll be mainly layering them over vests and tops, and jeans, but you could even wear them over a smart shirt, and a pair of coordinating trousers for a smarter more tailored look.

The next thing that I got is a lot more summery, in fact it's technically a beach cover up! but despite the fact I'm probably not going away this year I had to buy it.

I love the colourful, patterns and knits that Missoni produce and I'm lucky enough to own a few pieces of their knitwear but they are pretty high up on the spendy scale. Thankfully quite a few retailers now produce a wide range of particularly summer and beach themed lookalikes.

In the cover up / kaftan style, with a drawstring, pull in waist, this top was only £8 and has an almost knit effect look and feel, and that traditional Missoni alike colourful zig, zag design. Whilst you could most definitely use it as a beach cover up (Primark have swimwear pieces that would match it perfectly)  I think I'm going to be wearing it over a vest top maybe, with skinny jeans and sandals, for a bargaintastic take on a designer look.

The final clothing item that I bought was something that I'd had my eye on for quite a while. Every summer Primark produces a range of tunic / dresses in a very silky knit and usually with an ethnic or geometric type print. I'd seen different ones over the years but annoyingly I'd never ever been able to find one in a large enough size to fit my girls ;)

This time though I think it was fate - I'd been reading a few magazine articles featuring the Duchess Of Cambridge and her trip to India, and they were full of articles on how to achieve her look, and replicate some of the things that she wore on her trip on a budget. The articles featured a lot of blue and white items, and a couple of them had a print very similar to this one.

It has an almost Moroccan type design, and the fabric is absolutely beautiful, soft, cool, and very silky and perfect for this time of year. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear it as a dress but even if I just end up wearing it over leggings, I'm still pretty pleased with my purchase. It was just £10 and they had a few different, designs, prints and colours to choose from.

So that was it for clothes bar one little thing that my Godparents are wrapping up for my birthday, so next up is jewellery and unusually for me I only picked up one jewellery piece.

Apologies that I've taken it off the card before I photographed it but I've worn this a few times already, and it looks particularly nice over the navy waistcoat. It's basically a very long gold tone chain that features four individual gold toned pendants on the end, a plain disc, a disc set with clear crystals and two almost long, thin rectangles. I really like the length and the simplicity of this piece and after little hunt around I managed to find the receipt and at just £2.50 I think it's a bargain for something I know I will wear a lot.

The final thing I picked up from Primark in April was something from their beauty department. I'm looking to forward to the launch of their new beauty line but in the meantime I decided to get another one of their make up brushes.

This is the PS Concealer Brush and it was just £1. Again it has a matte black handle, and a rose gold ferrule, and the hairs feel super soft, but sturdy enough to do the job iykwim? I've really enjoyed using the previous two brushes that I picked and I'm hoping that I'm to like this one too.

I know you all like your hauls so I hope that you enjoyed this one too x  As per usual I filmed a little You Tube video to accompany it - it isn't too long so I'd love it if you'd take a little peek either below or via this link.

I've got a few videos to upload this week, so make sure you are subscribed to my You Tube channel so you don't miss a thing. If your a blog reader though don't worry I have forgotten you, I've got a weight loss update post going up tomorrow and a review or two later in the week so please stick around x In the meantime though if you have questions on this post or on life in general then please leave me a comment x

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