Tuesday 24 May 2016

Birthday Pressie Haul - You Tube Video

Hi Guys x I hope you've all had a nice weekend, my week was pretty lousy but thankfully I had quite a productive weekend, and I managed to take lots of photographs, do a bit of product research and I also managed to film a couple of videos, including the reasons why I'm saying goodbye to Birchbox, and a little or should I say long! birthday pressie haul x

I admit it, it's a long one, but I received some lovely things this year that I really wanted to show you, I know I'm very lucky and truly blessed to have such an amazing family, and such loyal and thoughtful friends.

If you can't bare to listen to me rambling on for 25 minutes, I'll give you a few hints - The video contains a bit of everything, including a few clothing pieces from George, Bob Mackie, and Primark, some beautiful jewellery pieces from Lola Rose, some accessories from various places including Asda, and Accessorize, and some beauty bits from Benefit, Laura Geller and Tarte.

Again this isn't a to brag, it's just to show how grateful I am and to show you some of things that might pop up on my blog and my You Tube channel in the weeks and months to come x I'll only probably be reviewing the Benefit product ;) but I'm sure you'll see some of the clothing and jewellery pieces if you keep your eyes peeled x

Thanks for reading, and hopefully watching, and thank you again for the birthday wishes x 

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