Wednesday 1 June 2016

Lavera Fine Loose Mineral Powder - Transparent - A Review For My Pure*

From something that was once a mainstay in many peoples make up routines, in recent years loose powder seems to have got a bit of  a bad press. Look at any You Tube video or magazine article on celebrity make up fails and you're bound to see at least once beautiful woman with a loose powder disaster and a floury, cakey face - not a good look!

Loose powder can be messy, and it can be cakey, drying and ageing but it if you've got an oily skin, it can be a god send. A lot of brands are replacing their loose powders with balms, and silicone mattifiers but for me I'll always be a loose powder girl.

Find a good loose powder and you'll realise why this product has been around as long as it has. The ingredients may have changed a bit over the years but if your skin is prone to oiliness and shine, then you'll know that a quick dusting of powder, both perfects and sets your make up, and takes away all of that oil and shine.

I'm slightly obsessed with face powders, and I always have a few on the go at once - I tend to use pressed powders for touch ups and when I'm on the go but for that first application at home I love the feeling of a loose powder on my skin. I've got one or two in my collection already but since I recently finished one I thought that I pick one up for one of May's My Pure reviews.

I've already spoke a little bit about the ethics and history of German brand Lavera in a previous post but I think it's important to remind you of the significant role they've played in the natural beauty industry.

Lavera as a company are over 25 years old, which surely tells you something about the quality of their products. 25 years in the beauty industry is a long time, and in that time many brands have came and went but Lavera have stayed at the top of the natural beauty market. They produce a wide range of products that only use natural ingredients, which are organic where possible, and that are formulated without synthetic preservatives, colourings or fragrance. The range is also animal friendly, and dermatologically tested to be suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

The product that I decided to try was the Lavera Fine Loose Mineral Powder which comes in the one shade Transparent. Lavera are firm believers in the fact that make up should be good for your skin, so this product contains a host of good for you ingredients that you probably wouldn't expect to be in a face powder.

Suitable for all skintypes this talc free formulation, contains a wide variety of natural minerals and light reflecting pigments, as well as rice powder, and nourishing, organic oils, butters and plant extracts including, argan, coconut, sunflower, olive and jojoba oils, cocoa and shea butter, and extracts of rosa centifolia, mallow, lime blossom and licorice root.

The powder itself comes packaged in a basic, but practical screw top jar, and features a little insert with holes in so you don't dispense too much product at once.

The pot also comes with a useful, soft velour powder puff. You can apply the powder either with the puff provided but either patting or rolling it onto specific areas of shine, such as the t-zone, or if your skin is just generally oily or if you want to set your make up, you do what I generally do and use a big fluffy brush

The powder itself has a beautiful soft and velvety feel, it is very finely milled and it feels very lightweight on the skin, and no matter how much you apply it never feels cakey or drying. I think that that's probably down to all of the moisturising ingredients and plant oils, that also give a subtle but noticeable aromatherapy type scent.

The shade is called Transparent, and unlike a lot of loose powders that claim to be translucent, and despite the fact that it does seem to have a hint of colour, it doesn't drastically change the colour of your foundation or look obvious or chalky on the skin. My skin is you know, as very pink toned and quite pale, and this shade really worked with my skin, I can't say though how this would work on darker skin, a true translucent but should be okay but that's something that you would need to try for yourself to be sure.

I've been using this powder to set a variety of foundation, and it worked equally well on all of them but perhaps the one that it's performed best with is the Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation in the shade 02 - Ivory Nude. I reviewed this product a little while ago now (read my review here) and whilst there were aspects about it that I liked, the colour was a little bit off, and the creamy formulation meant that it didn't last very long on my skin. When I saw the accompanying powder, I thought would give it a go and see if it made a difference, and believe it or not it did.

Not only did it seem, to calm down the richer colour, but it also took away all of the initial shine, and glow in an instant, and it helped the foundation not only last longer but it also it made a lot more wearable on my oily skin

I've took a few photos below but I don't really think they show the difference that well after all this is a transparent powder so you aren't really supposed to see it. In the before pictures I'm just wearing the Lavera foundation and nothing else, and in the after photos I've just added a dusting of the Lavera Fine Loose Mineral Powder.



I know you can't see too much of a difference in these photographs but I think you can see a slight change in the skins texture in the after photographs. What I like about this powder is that it is so light weight, you can barely see it or even feel it on the skin, you skin just looks smoother, and with a more even tone and texture. The oil just seems to disappear in a minute and your skin doesn't feel caked, thick with product or dry and flaky. If you have oily skin and you love natural products than I would definitely recommend this product. As well as using it set your make up, you can also dust this powder onto bare skin and use underneath your make up, to mattify the skin, and to even out your skin tone. Yes it's a little bit messy and you get a bit of fall out here and there but if you want an even toned, matte complication, then this is definitely something to try. The Lavera Fine Loose Mineral Powder in Transparent comes in an 8g pot and retails at £15.90  from My Pure. Are you still a loose powder fan? Let me know below x


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  1. Now I have both oily skin and love natural products so this sounds perfect for me! I have actually just been after something like this at the moment so I think I'll check this out!


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