Sunday 5 June 2016

Lavera Soft Glowing Highlighter - 02 Shining Pearl - A Review For My Pure*

Hi Guys x I hope you've all had a lovely, sunny weekend, I've had a couple of busy days but I'm back now with another My Pure review for you and  it's another one from German, natural beauty brand Lavera.

Although Lavera also produce a large range of skin and body care products, personally I'm all about their natural make up line. Many moons ago the words, natural and make up just didn't go together. If a make up product was ethical, contained no nasties and  was full of good for you ingredients, then the chances were that the quality just wouldn't be that great. Thankfully times have changed though and over 25 years of experience has allowed Lavera to produce a highly regarded make up range, that's cruelty free, predominantly organic and contains no synthetic preservatives, colours, or fragrances.

My Pure has a huge selection of make up products from Lavera, but the one I decided to try this time round was the Lavera Soft Glowing Highlighter in 02 - Shining Pearl.

Like all of the other make up products in their range, this cream highlighter is crammed full of good for you, skincare ingredients including, Castor seed, jojoba, argan, sunflower, rapeseed, coconut and olive oils, and Shea, and cocoa butter. It also includes a variety of natural mineral pigments, and various flower and plant extracts including mallow flower, Rosa centifolia and sea buckthorn.

It comes in a black plastic pot with a twist off lid. The lid contains a clear plastic section so you can see exactly what the product is at a glance.

There are two shades to choose from Golden Shine which looks darker, and more golden bronze toned, and the one I went for Shining Pearl. The swatch on the website isn't the most accurate I have to say, but Shining Pearl in real life is a beautiful, pearlised, creamy champagne colour.

This is a cream highlighter, and probably because of all the lovely oils, and butters it has a lovely creamy consistency, and thanks to the essential oils  and plant extracts, it also has a lovely lavender, type aromatherapy type scent, which lingers on the skin.

All you do is take a small amount of the product (a little goes a long way), and dab it on to your cheekbones, your eyelids, under your brown or anywhere else where you would like a bit of shimmer and a bit of a glow. You can either apply it with your fingertips, or if you have one, a small stippling brush, or even one of the tiny beauty blending type sponges.

It can look a touch cakey at first especially if you're applying it on top of say a face powder but it blends down nicely and gives the skin, a subtle but noticeable shimmer, and glow.

Here I've applied it to my cheekbones, and I've also used it to highlight my brow arch, and I've also used it as a cream shadow and to add a bit of brightness to the inner corners of my eyes, I'm a huge fan of powder, liquid and cream highlighters, and for me this one is a nice addition to my collection. If you want all the shimmer, glitter and sparkle, and you're looking for that disco ball look then this probably isn't the product for you. If on the other hand you just want to add a tiny bit of shimmer and glow here and there then this product could be one to try. The Lavera Soft Glowing Highlighter comes in 2 shades and retails at £9.50 for 4g, from My Pure. Are you a highlighter fan? Let me know your favourites in the comments box x


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