Thursday 30 June 2016

Nails Of The Day - Benecos Natural Nail Polish - French Lavender*

Although I don't seem to write as many nail posts as I used to, I'm still obsessed with nail polish. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a flash of colour when I'm typing, or seeing a set of pretty painted toenails peeking out from my sandals. My nail polish collection is getting seriously out of control though, but I can never resist adding new ones to my collection especially when it's from a brand that I haven't used before. As you know I love trying new things so for one of June's My Pure reviews I decided to try a nail polish from German brand, Benecos.

I've tried a few products from this BDIH Certified brand now, and I have to say for the price point I've been pretty impressed. The brand produces a wide range of affordable, good for you, skin, body, hair care and make up products, that use organic ingredients where possible and are free from a lot of chemicals and preservatives that you would normally find in toiletry and cosmetic products.

When you think of nail varnish though, one of the things that you probably think of is chemicals, surely there is no way that a nail polish can be natural and good for you? Well think again, all of the nail polishes in the Benecos range are not only cruelty free and suitable for vegans but they're also 5 Free. A lot of nail polishes now describe themselves as 3 Free but there aren't that many traditional style, nail polishes out there that describe themselves as 5 Free. What that basically means is that Benecos nail polishes are free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, phthalates, and colophonium or colophon, which have been found to cause skin irritations and breathing problems.

My Pure currently stock 15 shades of nail polish from Benecos but the shade I tried was French Lavender. I'm a huge fan of lilac and purple nail polishes so this one was right up my street.

Packaged in a 9ml size cylindrical bottle, this polish has a short, and thin, but good quality brush. The polish was quite fluid but the brush was easy to control and it applied easily and smoothly. and dried quickly. The coverage was okay after 1 coat but I felt that it really needed two coats to give the full depth of colour.

The finished colour was quite a bit deeper than it looked in the bottle, it wasn't the lilac tone that I'd anticipated and instead it had very much a dirty, dusky lavender, purple finish. Wear wise, I always test nail polish without a top coat and two days in, I only have a little bit of tip wear.

Although the colour didn't end up being quite what I expected I have to say I still liked this nail polish. It applied and wore well, it dried quickly and it definitely didn't seem to have as strong a smell as some polishes that I've used in the past. I'll definitely be trying a few more colours in the future, and if like a lot of people I know, you're looking for a gentler, or 5 Free nail polish, then this could be the brand to try. Benecos Natural Nail Polish in French Lavender comes in a 9ml bottle and retails at £6.95 from My Pure. Are you a fan of free from polishes? Let me know your thoughts x 


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  1. Great, I'll have to try these out. I'm always on the look out for cruelty free non toxic beauty products. Thanks.


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