Sunday 12 June 2016

A Small Primark Haul - June 2016 Edition - Clothes, Shoes And Jewellery

Sometimes I really think I should start taking my own advice. It seems as though I'm very good at telling other people what to do, but then I go out and do completely the opposite. Case in point - I'm always telling my Godparents not to go shopping and not to go into Primark when the kids are off school, so what did I do a fortnight ago? I went to Primark of course! The trip was a disaster, it was hot, stupidly busy, and the renovations in the Intu Metrocentre branch meant that there was only one  set of tills open. Needless to say I took one look, dumped my basket and walked straight back out of the door!

It was a total nightmare but I still wanted to have a look round Primark, so on Wednesday I headed back in Intu Metrocentre to get my Primark fix. The store is still a nightmare due to the expansion, and if anything it was actually hotter this time round but thankfully it was a lot quieter, and I was able to have a proper look around.

Unfortunately clothing wise it was another one of those disheartening Primark trips, I had no real reason to buy anything overtly summery and most of the things that I did like just didn't look right or they just didn't seem to be available in any of the larger sizes :( I did pick up a pair of my favourite indigo jeggings which were still on special at just £6 - I virtually live in these things and they are just so comfy but they have the look and the feel of a skinny jean. I thought clothing wise that, that would be that but then I saw this stripey top.

I know fashion experts always say that horizontal stripes can make you look bigger, but I love the look and so what if I look a bit curvier. I love a Breton style stripe, and the thin very dark, navy blue stripe, gives this top a real nautical look.

This over sized t-shirt is made of a slightly textures slubby style fabric, and it would be lovely and super wearable on it own, but what attracted me to this one is the crochet detail on the cuffs and on the front hem. The slubby fabric is overlaid with a white crocheted diamond pattern which I think adds a bit of extra interest. This top also came in a variety of plain colours and it was only £4, personally though I love the stripes, and this top will be fab with my indigo jeggings and either my navy or my white Converse.

Next up shoes, and boy do Primark have some nice ones in at the moment - from knee high gladiators, to strappy sandals, trainer styles, canvas pumps, and flip flops, I really do think that have something for everyone. The first thing that I looked at was the flip flops - by rights I probably should have walked away and looked at something else, I probably have more pairs of flip flops than the average shoe shop, and since I'm not going abroad this year the opportunities to wear them will be limited, but I didn't and I added this pretty pair to my basket.

You know me I love a bow, and this super cute pair, of blush, nude toe thongs have the cutest little filigree, gold tone bow on the strap. They were only £3 and they come in loads of other different colours and patterns.

Although this is definitely going to be the years where I try and ingratiate myself with high heels again, I do love a ballet pump, and for the price, Primark's are as good as anyone elses, These tan ones though are a little bit different to anything else that I have in my shoe collection.

In the basic, flat ballet pump style with a partially open toe, the body of the shoe is almost woven together, in a slashed and criss cross design, I think these are really unusual, the fit is really generous and they have a soft padded sole, for extra comfort. I think they also come in black and these shoes were just £6.

I've been buying quite a bit of jewellery lately some of which you'll see in my upcoming May favourites video (and if you're observant the video to accompany this post!), but I couldn't resist having a look at the newly relocated jewellery section and picking up a few simple pieces.

I really should stop buying rings, although I'm trying really hard to wear more of my jewellery this year I just don't seem to be wearing rings as often as I should, this one though called out to me. I love the cage style design that seems to be everywhere at the moment, and I also loved the slightly irregular shape of the stone, and of course that the stone, looks as though it's embedded with glitter. I really liked this and it was only £2.

The final thing that I got was a necklace - It's very rare to see me without a necklace at the moment, and I'm loving wearing a variety of different types of necklace. I've worn quite a lot of chunky pieces but I've been wearing the odd more delicate piece, and this one will fit the bill perfectly.

These disc style necklaces are very fashionable at the moment, as are spinning necklace, and this one combines both of these trends in one. It comes on a fine gold tone chain, and the pendant is a spinning disc, one side is in a white, almost faux mother of pearl tone and the other size is in a plain, polished gold tone, which is outlined with tiny, clear crystals. I love the fact that you can get two different looks from the one piece and I also love the fact that it was just £2.

Please, please, please have a little watch of the accompanying video that you can see below and via this link if you're on a mobile device. You can listen to me ramble and talk a little bit more about of things that I've mentioned in this post, or can you?

Urgh why do I always do this, I filmed the video then I found something else in the bottom of the big that I'd forgotten to mention - this pretty nail polish!

I'd initially gone to see if the new beauty range was in store, and surprise, surprise it wasn't but I saw this nail varnish and it just screamed Louise. I love, love, love my daisies, and the pretty pink, polish that was just £1.50, came with a little pot of pink, and lilac daisies, to fulfil all of your festival and floral, nail art fantasies. If flowers aren't your thing though Primark have several other nail bits and bob in at the minute containing everything from Superman and Batman decals, to jewels, glittery top coats, gel effect polishes and a whole new range of false nails.

I didn't really see anything though this time round that I thought I must go back and get that so it might be a little while before my next Primark trip but you never say never do you. If you have any questions on anything that I've bought please let me know and if you've posted a Primark haul either on your blog, You Tube or even Instagram then leave me your links and user names below xx

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