Wednesday 13 April 2016

Primark Haul - April 2016 Edition - A Little Bit Of Everything

Hi Guys x I hope you've had a lovely week so far, in between computer problems and vet visits on Monday I managed a little trip to the Metro Centre x I didn't buy an awful lot but I did pick up a few odds and ends from Primark.

Apart from a couple of bits of underwear I only bought one clothing item. As I said in a previous post I'm not really planning on buying a lot of summer clothes this year, instead I'm trying to just buy odds and ends that I can wear no matter what the season.

That said though this ivory, sleeveless blouse that I picked up would be perfect for a warm, summer day. It's a touch sheer so I would probably wear a toning vest with it but I think it cute and it will look nice with leggings or skinny jeans. I picked up this blouse from a sale rack it was reduced from £8 to just £3 - bargain!

So that was it for clothing - I tried a few pairs of shoes on but even the size 7's were huge (I normally take an 8) so I gave up and headed to the jewellery section.

The first thing that I got was this stunning statement necklace. With a bronze tone base it's covered in purple, grey and blue faux crystals, shiny grey beads and faux turquoise triangles. I am a huge fan of statement necklaces and this one was only £3, it had been reduced from £8 but I swear if you went to another store, you'd pay a lot, lot more for it.

From a chunky, statement necklace to a necklace that's altogether smaller and more delicate.

Last time I was in Primark I bought the Disney Mickey head bracelet (read my post here) I initially thought it was a necklace,so at the first opportunity I had I went back and bought the necklace.

It's very similar to the bracelet, and on the same, fine gold tone chain but this time instead of being embossed with crystals the Mickey head is plain. I think this super cute and a must for any Disney fan. It was just £3 x

So that was it for jewellery, next up beauty. I know I moaned about the state of the beauty section last time but this time it was perfect, the odd thing had still been opened but at least it was clean and I managed to get what I wanted last time.

I'm a huge lover of pencil style lip products and after seeing it in the flesh, the PS Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Nude went straight to the top of my wishlist and thankfully this time I managed to find one that hadn't been opened.

Apologies for the change in background colour but I really wanted to show the colour off as accurately as I could. It's not an out and out, beige, blank your lips out nude, it's probably more of a pink, coral nude. It's not that moisturising but at the same time it doesn't feel as though it's drying your lips out. The coverage is good, and being a matte it wears well, all and all not bad for £2. Thanks to the dull and miserable weather up north today I haven't managed a swatch photograph instead you've got a picture of me wearing it and showing you my best duck face, and I'm also wearing it in the video that you can see at the end of this post x

The next thing that I bought was a set of the PS Volume Full Look False Lashes. Those of you that know me well, probably know that I'm not really a false last wearer, however a lovely brand recently sent me a few sets of their lashes to try out. For that reason I've decided to have a little bit of a practise with some cheaper lashes before I try them out and review them. All of the sets in Primark are just a £1 but I particularly loved these big full ones.

The final two thing that I bought came from the home section. As I've said before the home section in the Primark Intu Metro Centre store doesn't have the largest home wear selection but they still had some nice things. I didn't desperately need anything though so I just got a stationery item and some fairy lights.

Seriously I could probably light my room up with just fairy lights as it is, but I could resist buying these wire lights when I spotted them next to the tills. It's just basically a strand of very on trend rose gold / copper wire with 20 tiny little butterfly lights on it. I have no idea where I'm going to put them yet but at just £2.50 I couldn't leave them behind.

My final buy was something a little bit silly but I love stationery and you can always find a use for a sticky note :) I love Grumpy Cat or Tardar Sauce to give her proper name, I love her so much and I just want to give her a huge cuddle. Alas that will never happen but I can feel closer to her and her less than cheerful expressions with these cute sticky notes. You get three different designs in the pack and whilst they weren't particularly cheap at £2, they were a must have.

If you want to find out more about some of the things that I bought and listen to me ramble for a bit they have a little watch of my latest You Tube video that you can find below or via this link x

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So I hope you enjoyed this haul, if you did don't forget to follow my blog so you'll never miss any of my posts x Thanks for reading and hopefully watching and if you've bought anything nice from Primark recently, leave me a comment and tell me all about it xx

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  1. Glad you managed to find everything you were hoping for :)


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