Monday 4 April 2016

A Review Of The Benecos Natural Highlighting Powder In Stardust*

Thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham, layering on the highlighter has never been more popular. Whether you call it sculpting on strobing it all means the same thing, using a bronzer or darker shade to contour and shape your face, and a lighter shade of cream or powder, with or without shimmer to give you face a glow and that lit from within look.

I'm slightly obsessed with highlighters, and whilst yes, you can definitely over do it, a little bit of shimmer and light here and there, gives the face movement and texture and takes your make up to the next level. I probably have more highlighting powders and liquids than most department stores but I can't seem to stop adding to my already ridiculously large collection. I just can't help myself all that shimmer and sparkle just looks so pretty, it's no surprise therefore that for one of March's My Pure reviews I decided to try a pretty highlighting powder from one of the sites newest brands, Benecos.

I lost my Benecos virginity back in February when I tried their Natural Nail Care Pen (read my review here) and I have to say I was impressed not only by the brands philosophy but also by their very, friendly price point. This BDIH certified German brand produces a large range of affordable beauty products that contains predominantly organic natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals. There products are also cruelty free, and are free from genetically modified ingredients and gluten.

The product that I decided to try was the Benecos Natural Highlighting Powder in Stardust. Again Benecos are a brand that combines make up with skincare so this product is full of ingredients that are good for the skin including kaolin clay which is designed to absorb excess oil and aid wear time, natural light reflecting, mineral pigments including mica and organic moisturising oils including macadamia, sunflower, and castor seed.

Packaged in a basic but chic and practical, clear plastic compact, this is a solid, champagne, nude toned powder, packed full of tiny little sparkles There is a small floral design embossed on the top which isn't essential but it adds a nice touch to the product.

At first I found the powder quite hard and I didn't get a lot of pigmentation from it but once I'd used it for a while, and worn away the top layer it became a lot softer, and the pigmentation improved. I've tried to swatch it but to be honest I think it looks a bit flat in natural light and you really can't see the sparkle that well.

This isn't the most pigmented or sparkly highlighter on the market but if you're after a more subtle look then this could work for you. Your never going to achieve a shimmery, sharp  Kimmy K or Vicky B cheekbone with it but if you want a bit of glow it could work for you. I've been using this quite a bit over the last month, and I have found that you do need to put quite a bit on and blend it in well or at least I did. You can use it on the cheek bones, and the eyelids like I have here, and you can also use it on the decollete or the shoulders or anywhere the light naturally hits to give the skin a bit of a sheen. Again it didn't show up too well in the photographs but  strangely enough my huge pores did! Funny that but I've taken a few pics with the flash to try and give you some idea.

Because of the pale shade, and lack of pigmentation I don't think that this product would work on some skin tones but if you're after a subtle glow, you're on budget and you prefer to buy cruelty free, then this highlighter from Benecos could be something to try. The Benecos Natural Highlighting Powder in Stardust retails at £6.95 for 9g, from My Pure x  Are you a highlighter fan? Leave me a comment I'd love to hear your thoughts x


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