Friday 29 April 2016

Benecos Rouge Brush - A Review For My Pure*

When I first started out in make up I didn't give two hoots about what I applied it with, rubbishy sponge applicators, scratchy brushes and even cotton buds, I used anything I could to get as much product on my face as possible.

I can't imagine what I must have look like but what I didn't realise then though was the importance of a good make up brush. You can buy the most expensive and best make up products in the world but if you apply them with a bad brush then you're probably wasting your money.

Make up brushes come at all different price points, but what I've come to realise over the years is that a cheaper brush doesn't always mean a bad brush. I've bought brushes for a couple of pounds that I love and brushes that cost well into double figures that I can't stand. Buying make brushes is a minefield, you can't always tell how good something is just by looking at it, so sometimes you just need to take the risk and buy it anyway.

For one of this month's My Pure review I decided to give you guys a little bit of hand when it comes to brush shopping and review a brush from one of their newer brands Benecos. I've already talked about Benecos in a couple of my previous My Pure posts but just in case you're new to the brand, they are a BDIH certified German company, who produce a wide range of purse friendly cosmetics and toiletries, that are cruelty free and contain predominantly natural and organic ingredients, and no nasty chemicals.

My Pure have a few make up brushes from Benecos in their inventory but the one I decided to try was the Benecos Rouge Brush.

Unlike a lot of brushes on the market you don't get any unnecessary packaging with this one, it comes wrapped in plain cellophane to cut down on both costs and waste. This brush features a silver, tone, recycled aluminium ferrule and comes with a short, slightly ribbed bamboo handle. The textured handle means that it's easy to grip, and the shorter handle is specifically designed for controlled, easy application. The handle of the brush is also embossed with the Benecos logo.

Instead of having a flat or a domed brush head, this one is slanted, and is designed specifically to apply  a powder blusher  perfectly on the apples of the cheeks. Given the asymmetric shape though you could also use the brush to apply either a  bronzer or highlighter to create that perfect contour.

This two tone brush, is made from a high quality, densely packed synthetic fibre, so this brush is suitable for vegans and it's completely cruelty free. The brush is very soft and silky so it would perfect if you have sensitive or reactive skin. Whilst it feels it feels very soft at the same time, the hairs are quite dense so it picks  product up well, and it's makes blending and application effortless.

I've been using this brush mainly with blusher and I've been impressed with how well it's performed I haven't lost a single hair during application, and it was very easy to wash again with no shedding.

I'm a bit of brush obsessive and I've tried quite a few of the brands that are  out there, and I have to say that by far this is one of the nicest slanted, cheek brushes that I've ever used. I literally cannot find a fault with it. The price point is competitive, it does exactly what it should, it feels nice on the skin, it's well made, and it's cruelty free. The Benecos Rouge Brush retails at £8.95 from My Pure.

I'm definitely going to be trying out a few more products from Benecos in the weeks and months to come, and the other brushes are definitely at the top of my list. In the meantime I have another Benecos review going up over the weekend, I wonder what it could be? Maybe the photo below will give you a clue ;)

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave me your musings below I'd love to hear your thoughts x


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