Tuesday 29 March 2011

Acorelle Epilation Oriental Wax Ylang Flower and Cane Sugar - A Review For My Pure*

Ever since I was 17 I have had my legs waxed or more often than not I've waxed them myself. I have to say I've tried most of the waxing products available on the high street, I used hot wax, hot sugaring, cold sugaring, and my current favourite cold strip wax. I have to say I love waxing and would never go back to the razor blade, yes you have to leave it till your hair grows a little bit, and it might be painful and a bit messy, but the results speak for themselves about a month of being hair free, and I have to say after 15 years of waxing I have bald patches and my hair is much softer and finer.

That's why I jumped at the chance of trying something from the Acorelle Epilation range for this months My Pure review. Acorelle is a French based company thats main speciality is hair removal and post hair removal skin care. Developed especially for sensitive skins, and for those with thicker, darker hair and problems with ingrown hair, the Acorelle range is based on natural ingredients such as sugar and black truffle.

The product I chose was the Acorelle Epilation Oriental Wax With Ylang Flower and Cane Sugar. This is a sugar based wax product which is 100% natural and contains pure organic cane sugar and ylang ylang. It also contains no colourings, chemical preservatives, or synthetic fragrances.

It comes in a box which to be honest doesn't really have very much English on it but don't worry full instructions are provided inside, and the box illustration give you an idea of what the product contains

As well as the instructions the box also contains 12 reusable paper/fabric strips, a wooden spatula, and a 300g pot of sugar wax

The wax is pretty solid at room temperature so it needs to be heated before you can use it.

Following the in pack instructions first of all I made sure everything was set up (a towel covering the bed to prevent mess) and that my legs were clean and dry. Then I took the lid off the wax and put it in the microwave for a 10 seconds at a time for about 30 seconds until it was like runny honey in texture (you can also use a bain maire to heat it )

I then left the wax for about a minute before testing the temperature on the inside of my wrist to make sure it wasn't too hot, it has to be warm but not so hot as you burn your skin. At this point I enlisted the help of MummyLouLou who is very good at waxing to give me a hand - you can do this yourself I did my right leg on my own but it made it easier for photographs and it guarantees the backs of your legs get done properly! All you do is use the spatula to spread a thin layer of the warm wax to your leg in the direction of the hair growth

Then you apply one of the paper strips and smooth it down in again in the direction of the hair growth, then you rip it off :) and press the strip down and rip till the tackiness goes then you apply more wax and get a new strip, etc.etc.

The best way to show how effective this product was is to show some befores and afters -


My legs hadn't been waxed since just before Christmas eeek so they were ready to be defuzzed - still notice though that my hair isn't overly dark or thick because I've waxed for so long


You can see a tiny few red spots here but nothing more just relatively smooth legs :)

I have to say though the real proof of the effectiveness of this wax is when you look at a used strip - sorry this pic is a bit gross but look not only at the hairs but also if you look really carefully you can see the little black roots/bulbs on the ends. Unlike shaving the whole hair is being removed which leads to a slower and finer regrowth :)

I have to say I loved this wax - the Ylang Ylang fragrance was beautiful and reminded me a lot of some of the Lovea products I've tried recently a really nice tropical floral fragrance. I have to say because it's a warm wax/sugar it also seems to be less painful, the warmth actually helps the hair follicle to open a little and makes it easier to extract the hair. You also need to use such a small amount that the pot should last for ages. Warm wax or sugar isn't probably the easiest thing to start with for a waxing novice maybe a cold strip would be best but it certainly gives great results. Yes you might think that it's messy but being sugar based it washes straight off everything it touches, including your legs, or a towel, and of course the spatula, and the paper strips - these are the same strips I used and after hand washing in warm water they are completely reusable and are as good as new

My one tiny complaint is that I would really like it if they had included some more strips, even though you can use both sides 12 just doesn't seem to be very many for a full 2 leg wax, you can use pretty much any fabric though since it washes straight out, I actually finished mine off using some folded over muslin cloths. As I said in the introduction I had switched to cold wax strips for quickness but I will definitely be using this product on a regular basis now, it had a lovely fragrance, and it was super effective I will also be looking to try some more products from this range in the future especially since I've noticed they also do strip wax. The Acorelle Epilation Oriental Wax - Ylang Flower and Cane Sugar retails at £11.99 for 300g from My Pure. Any questions please ask x



  1. brave lol dare I say it I have done it for so long now it doesn't hurt much any more - I was more brave by showing my furry legs in public lol

  2. How does this wax compare to the other hot waxes you can get at Superdrug e.g. Veet/Nads/Nair?

    Thanks for your review!


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