Saturday 12 March 2011

Pretty Flowers From Ebay and Something From Ikea :)

Just a couple of things I've acquired over the last day or so, first up something I got from ebay :)

As you probably already know I am a huge fan of daisies and I think these earrings are super cute and I got them for just £3.99 with postage :) They are so cheery and bright and made me feel super spring like when I wore them yesterday, which was in direct contrast to the super windy, rainy, snowy? weather - result :)

On Thursday my mum went to Ikea to look at kitchen cabinets and while she was there she bought me this Trensum magnifying mirror :)


My eyesight is pretty bad so I really wanted a magnifying mirror that I could rest on the table to do my eyeliner and this one was only £3.05, so she bought me the mirror and some mini Daims - yummy xx


  1. Ooh i've been looking for a cheap magnifying mirror, I'll have to head on down to Ikea! Love the earrings too, very cheerful :)

  2. I have that mirror it's great! Loving the daisy earrings too!


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