Thursday 17 March 2011

Wednesday's Haulage

As you probably know through my bleating on twitter I actually managed a proper shopping trip this week - On Wednesday me and my mum took a little trip to the Metro Centre - I only managed 5 shops in the Red Mall, including Starbucks ;) and I'm paying for it now but it's definitely progress :) I mainly bought some fashion bits and a few accessories, and my mum was kind enough to pay for all my goodies from Primark - I bought a few things myself too which has seen me go over my spending limit this month but still I've been good for two months so I think I deserve a treat - Unfortunately I haven't has the energy to edit pics of all my goodies so I made a You Tube video of my haul instead

OK I know what your going to say "I don't have time to watch that" I understand - all you need to do is skip forward to 19:10 in the video and I've inserted all be it unedited pics of my haul x Any questions on anything or if you are desperate to see more pics of anything in the video please leave me a comment xx


  1. Oooh I love the beautyuk polishes I have Smokey Lilac it's gorgeous :) xx

  2. Wow good haul, Louise! Really like the Primark peach top v.nice!

  3. Love the primark pumps and pants. I really want that H&M top but haven't had the chance to get it yet and don't want to order online! x

  4. Thanks Ladies
    @Emma - These are my first experiences with them and I can't wait to give them a proepr go
    @Kaye - thanks my love - half wishing I'd got the cream one too x
    @Em x- don't honestly they are really useless 3 weeks ago my mum ordered it now :(

  5. glad you managed to get out to the metro chick.Plus isn't the red bit not the only good thing about the metro?? Not including topshop lol xxxx


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